How to pick a battery for electric forklift

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We would like to share a good artical when choosing battery for Electric Pallet Truck, Electric Stacker , or electric forklift. Hope you guys will enjoy the info. Thank you

The Top 10 Issues To Consider When Choosing A Forklift Battery

  1. The weight of the battery is considered part of the counterweight of the forklift. If you choose a battery that is too small, it may not meet the minimum battery weight required to maintain the lift truck`s capacity rating.
  2. Forklift batteries tend to lose their ability to deliver power over time due to age, poor maintenance, abuse and so on. It is highly recommended that you buy the largest battery possible when the forklift is new to maximize the battery`s utility over time.
  3. Make sure you choose the right forklift battery to match up with how the battery will be expected to deliver power between periods of recharging. In multi shift applications, for example, where there sometimes isn`t enough time to properly charge the battery over the course of a day, it may be that a fast charge battery and charging system is the best solution if a business is to keep up with production without damaging the battery. A thorough on site study, conducted by a qualified forklift battery professional, is the only way to determine which solution will provide optimum results.
  4. Make sure the size of the battery tray is large enough to fill the battery compartment, otherwise you will need to shim or block the battery properly so that it doesn`t slide around during normal operation. Batteries are very heavy and will easily slide which will cause damage to the battery over time. Take the time to confirm the battery compartment dimensions with the lift truck supplier and make sure that the actual battery size is less than these dimensions.
  5. Make sure that the battery is properly matched to the charger to avoid damaging the battery by either undercharging or overcharging.
  6. The voltage of the battery needs to be correctly matched to the forklift electrical system and the output of the charger. You can`t install a 48 volt battery in a 36 volt truck, for example.
  7. It is important to have a proper forklift battery charging, watering and cleaning program in place before you install a new battery to protect your investment. Forklift batteries are expensive to replace. Without a proper charging, watering and cleaning program, these batteries may last less than a year instead of 5 to 10 years. An automatic watering system is highly recommended for all forklift batteries, particularly in stand up models, due to the difficultly involved in accessing these batteries during the filling process. A [blinking" light system, mounted on the battery is also a very important accessory to add so that you know when the battery needs water without having to actually check the battery water levels physically.
  8. Source a reputable, local battery reseller that offers local service and warranty support in the event the battery is found to be defective somewhere down the road.
  9. When the forklift is new, make sure you source the battery and charger from the same company so that if you are having a problem with the battery, the battery company can`t easily point fingers at the charger company for being the problem.
  10. One of the most overlooked items is the battery connector. Make sure the battery connector matches the plug-in on the forklift and the plug-in on the charger.

How To Evaluate Reconditioned Forklift Batteries aka Used Forklift Batteries

A reconditioned forklift battery is not the same as a rebuilt forklift battery and, just like buying a used car, everyone`s definition of "reconditioned" has a lot of room for interpretation. Generally, the prices of reconditioned forklift batteries are about half of new, give or take. It`s important to make sure you understand exactly what was done to the battery during the reconditioning process and what the warranty will be after you pay their invoice. The good thing about reconditioned forklift batteries is that you have another option when it comes to finding a working battery for a used lift truck. Make sure the battery meets the minimum battery weight requirements, fills the battery compartment fully and matches the input voltage of the forklift and output voltage of the charger.



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