Control valve installation and increase life expectancy

Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

The following problems should be observed during the installation of the control valve: (1) Before the valve is installed, the dust accumulated during the storage of the valve must be carefully removed and kept clean during the installation. Damage to the valve seat and trim due to dirt and dust. To protect the cleaning, it is usually possible to attach flaps to the ends of open flanges that are not welded on the same day. (2) When the control valve is installed, the arrow on the valve should be consistent with the flow direction of the medium. (3) Control valves are precision components that, if they are stressed by pipe deformation, will disrupt normal operation. Therefore, flange and pipe installation should be vertical and accurate position to avoid pipe deformation. Well, the pipe should be properly supported to prevent it from buckling under the weight of the valve. (4) The control valve must be especially careful when welding with the pipe. If the control valve and pipe welding attention is not enough, failed to eliminate the stress, it will have deformation. Welding, welding slag must be strictly avoided splashing into the valve, the presence of welding slag detrimental to the performance of the valve, if the splash splashed directly on the spool, ranging from a direct impact on the control valve action, heavy damage spool and seat. (5) When the pipe is under pressure test and blow-off, the control valve should be removed and connected with the corresponding straight pipe section to prevent the debris such as welding slag and iron cutting from getting stuck between the valve core and the valve seat. Remove the valve opening flange end of the plastic wrap tightly. Regulating valve to enhance the life of the method: 1. Large opening to extend the life of the law so that the valve at the beginning as far as possible in the maximum opening on the job, such as 90%. In this way, cavitation, erosion and other damage occurred in the spool head. With the destruction of the valve, the flow increases, the corresponding valve and then off, so constantly damaged, and gradually closed, so that the entire valve fully take full advantage of the same time, a large opening of the work flow gap, erosion erosion weaker than the beginning Let the valve in the middle of the opening and a small opening on the work to improve life expectancy of 1 to 5 times. Such as a chemical plant using this method, valve life increased by 2 times. 2. S to increase the work to increase the opening to increase the life of the valve orifice plate throttling consumption pressure drop; close the pipe on the manual valve in series to the control valve to obtain a more satisfactory opening so far. The valve at the beginning of a large opening in the small work, the use of this method is very simple, convenient and effective. 3. Reduce the diameter to increase the work of open-mindedness to increase the life of the law by reducing the caliber of the control valve to increase the work of the opening, the specific methods are: ① for a smaller size of the valve, such as DN32 into DN25; ② valve The body does not change, replace the valve seat of small valve seat diameter. As an overhaul of a chemical plant will be djl parts dgl0 replacement, life expectancy increased by 1 times. 4. Transfer damage position to improve life expectancy to the place of serious damage to the secondary location to protect the valve seat sealing surface and throttle face. 5. Increase the throttling channel to increase life-span method to increase the throttle channel The simplest is to thicken the valve seat, the valve seat hole growth, the formation of a longer throttling channel. 6. Change the flow direction to improve life Open flow toward the open direction, cavitation, erosion mainly on the sealing surface, so that the valve core and valve seat sealing surface quickly suffered damage; flow closed toward the closure of the direction of flow , Cavitation erosion role in the throttle after the valve seat sealing surface to protect the sealing surface and the valve root, extending the life. 7. Use of special materials to improve life expectancy France is anti-cavitation (damage to the shape of the honeycomb dot) and erosion (streamlined small groove), can be replaced by cavitation erosion and erosion of special materials to manufacture throttling pieces. 8. Change the structure of the control valve to improve the life-span method to change the valve structure or choose to have a longer life of the valve approach to achieve the purpose of improving life expectancy, such as the choice of multi-stage valve, anti-cavitation valve, corrosion-resistant valve.

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