World of Warcraft pet battle system will be adjusted

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on November 20th, 2019

World of Warcraft pet battle system will be adjusted

The World of Warcraft pet battle system will be updated in 8.3, including weather system adjustments and some skill changes.

Earlier today, community manager Kaivax shared some of the information on weather effects and balance adjustments in future combat pet systems.

The weather outside is very bad

Weather effects are always designed with a slight change in the rules of the game. Sandstorms have a greater impact on pets with weaker offenses, while daylight surgery has a gain effect on healing skills, and cleansing rains make aquatic skills more powerful. However, mudslides and blizzards are somewhat inadequate in this regard. So in version 8.3, these two weathers will get new results based on the existing effects:

Blizzard: Now also makes Elemental Skills deal an additional 25% damage.

Debris Flow: Now also increases the critical strike damage by 25%.

Here's the effect of the mudslide: a skill critical strike deals 150% damage, and a mudslide increases it to 175%.

After a period of consideration, we decided to add another weather effect to the game: Toxic Fumes. The effect will be on line 8.3, and Toxic Fumes will deal damage to the current target and cast Toxic Fumes (9 rounds). If you feel that the current system is too difficult, WOW Classic Boosting can help you complete the task with ease. Once you feel that the current mission level is not worth the waste of time, then hope that WOW Classic Power Leveling can help you.

Toxic Fumes

The duration of harmful continuous damage spells increases by 1 round.

In this weather effect, all pets are considered poisoned.

If you encounter any problems in the game, please visit The game customer service here will help you solve problems 24 hours a day. Welcome to communicate with the customer service here and exchange game experience.

No longer need full grade pets

In version 8.3, the pet level of the new outdoor combat pet world missions in Uldum and Splendid Valley will automatically adjust to the highest level of pets in your team, instead of the unchanged 25th level. This change will also be applied to the battle pet world missions in Nashar and Megakan. You can use the level 1 pet team to verify this.

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