3 Ways to Give Your Furniture a Makeover

Posted by joiesfabrics on November 25th, 2019

Is your furniture looking a little worn or out of date? Here are three ways you can give it a makeover and bring new life to an old piece.


One of the first ways you can revamp a tired looking piece is to paint it. This is a great option for shelves, cabinets, trays, and other hard surfaces. You could go neutral with the paint and keep it more subdued with tones of white, brown, black, tan, or gray, or you could make it a statement piece and hit it with a bright and bold choice of color like yellow, pink, orange, or red.

Painting gives you an endless supply of techniques and applications to choose from to vary the style and look you want to create. You could use specialty paint and incorporate an element of chalkboard or dry erase finishes for personalized notes, or you could do a gradient, striped, feathered, or spotted technique. Be sure to seal the paint well so your newly made-over furniture can handle the loving wear and tear it will get.


Sometimes the best way to revamp an older piece or heirloom design is not to cover it up, but to uncover it. If you have a piece that has been painted over, why not strip it to see what lies underneath. You could find a beautiful wood finish or a neat metallic surface hidden behind someone else’s handiwork. Then it’s time to stain, seal, wax, and protect the original material so it looks its best and is rough and ready for a new lifetime of fun.

Sometimes you can even repurpose a piece to give it an entirely new function. Convert an old table into a desk, an old tray on wheels into a traveling wet bar, or an old chair into a plant holder. The possibilities are endless and are a great way to make an item useful again if it has run out of purpose in its former form.  


Upholstery can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to instantly upgrade an item. Your only limited by your imagination and chances are you can find any and every fabric your heart could desire online or in a local upholstery store in NYC. You can go for the fabric only and leave the rest of piece as-is, or you could give it a complete overhaul and not only reupholster the item but paint the frame to compliment the new look as well.

With so many ways to breathe new life into old furniture it’s time to break out the brushes, open a can of sealer, or peruse an upholstery store in NYC. By updating a few pieces you can give the entire space a new and fresh feel as well.

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