What can couples expect when shopping for an engagement ring?

Posted by farrs on November 26th, 2019

Congratulations!! The time is here where you have found the love of your life, and you are officially ready for the next chapter. That next chapter is your engagement! Buying a ring and gearing up for the big day can be very stressful for couples but also the most exciting time! You need to remember that an engagement ring is a higher expense than most things. So, you want to make sure you shop right. That’s why, in today's society, most couples tend to ring shop together. It puts less stress on the groom from trying to find the perfect ring, and also less stress on the bride for anxiously awaiting if that ring is one she will actually want. The bottom line, you are getting married and this investment is something that affects you both, so why not both be involved. Here is what you need to look over and consider when looking for the perfect engagement ring.

  •  The shape of the ring: When you first start off looking at wedding rings in Ogden, you will notice that there are different shapes of stones. Every shape or cut is priced differently. And each ring will fluctuate in cost depending on the carat of the diamond.  Round cuts tend to be the most expensive where marquis are usually the least. Study up on ring cuts and carats and have one or two favorites in mind.
  •  Metal for your band: Most engagement rings are made from yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum. It is important to understand that the band costs too. For example, a silver band is very similar to a platinum band but platinum costs significantly more because of its weight. Your budget and style can help determine which metal is right for your band. Also, you can get stones set in your band as well, if that is something you would like but for obviously more costs.
  •  Carat size: This by far is the most important thing to address when looking for a wedding ring. You will need to know the carat size and if it fits into your budget. When ring shopping, I would let them know up front that you only plan on spending such and such money and what carat size you have in mind. If the size is important to you, meaning you want a big one, you should find other ways to adjust your budget.
  •  Cut and Clarity: There are different cuts and clarity of a diamond. Cut meaning that the round cut is cut perfectly round. And for clarity, you need to look to see what color of the diamond you fancy the most.
  •  Wedding band: Consider how your Utah engagement ring will look with the wedding band. It can be easy to get caught up in the perfect diamond, but the engagement ring is only half of the set. Definitely, think about what style of wedding band would go well with your ring. Some engagement rings don't all a band to fit flush against them. There are sets available if you want the full package.
  •  Trends: Lastly, consider the trends. If you are looking for a trendy 2019 engagement ring the tops trends are:

-Fancy-Shaped Diamonds

-Gallery Detailing

-Contemporary Three-Stone Rings

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-Yellow Gold

-Stacked and Nested Rings

-Delicate and Distinctive Halos

-Asymmetric Designs

Good luck with finding YOUR perfect engagement ring!

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