Combine PPC and Content Marketing to Achieve Online Marketing Success

Posted by Hamza on November 27th, 2019

There is a general misconception that Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) and Content marketing seldom work together and online marketers either use PPC or content marketing for their online marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to succeed in online marketing campaigns is to use hybrid systems and benefit from both click advertising and content marketing strategies. You can write high-quality content and promote content using a PPC click marketing campaign.


PPC or Pay per Click internet marketing. Advertisers pay a fee each time a person clicks on the ad to the owner of a blog or website where the ad is placed. In this method, internet marketers are buying visits to their site. In the PPC internet marketing model, marketers do not earn visits to their site organically where customers searching for their product find information on search engines. Fees paid to search engines in the Pay per Click internet marketing model are trivial. If a customer clicks on the ad and buys products for ten times the fee, the internet marketer makes a large profit through the PPC marketing model. PPC ads are usually placed on search engines like Google or Bing or in sites that the target market of the marketer visits. They come in the form of text or image or, motion graphics.

Content Marketing

The content marketing model involves providing relevant, consistent and, valuable content about a product or service to a target online audience by an online marketer. Interested visitors will become customers once they find the content useful. Content marketing is performed in many ways. Infographics, web pages that are search engine optimized, videos, e-books and, podcasts. The basis of a successful content marketing campaign is not merely high-quality content but content that is of considerable value to the potential customer. A good content marketing campaign will provide all the information a customer wants. The results of a successful content marketing campaign are increased organic traffic to a website or blog, an increase in the qualified lead generation, an increase in brand awareness and credibility and, expansion of the customer base. Successful content marketing will enable sales teams to quickly close deals.

The difference between PPC and Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective method of marketing products and services online because content has proved to be the best method to get a high rank on search engine results pages. The internet has currently become the largest marketplace and potential customers look online to find products and services and the content on websites alone convince them to make a purchase. Content marketing is a low-cost method of internet marketing. PPC involves payment for inserting an ad on a search engine, website or blog and paying them each time a potential customer clicks on the ad. Unlike content marketing where one does not have to pay for visibility, once payment stops in PPC, the ad is removed. Both marketing methods have their pros and cons and using a combination of both methods may result in a winning online marketing strategy.


Content marketing is beneficial because the visibility of a brand increases and it helps the marketer build credibility. They can communicate with their customers through comments, feedback and, shares. The content showcases the marketer’s expertise about a niche product or service. Content marketing is the cheapest and easiest way of getting customer traffic to visit a website. PPC or click marketing is beneficial because one can enter the online market quickly. This method of marketing gives the marketer useful data that will enable modification or enhancement of the ad to ensure that more customers click on the ad. The results of click marketing are easy to measure and the tracking of clicks is also easy. Both content marketing and click marketing are beneficial for online marketing campaigns and using both methods, Vuja De Digital, will effectively increase sales of products or services online.

Content marketing and PPC marketing together help in making online marketing campaigns effective. Content makes internet visitors interested in products or services but PPC marketing shows marketers the type of customers who will be interested in their products and services. When PPC customers read the content on the website of the marketer, they are more likely to become customers and make the m

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