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Posted by Anand on November 27th, 2019

ICSE exams can be extremely demanding of its students. It requires out of those who appear for it, to be consistent with their studies and to manage their time well. Apart from that, students can succumb to the pressure of appearing for ICSE exams and might be unable to handle the stress without ample support that they need. Students, therefore, need help from the school, their parents, peers and any additional help that they can get on their terms. Most tuition centres also face the same problems of overcrowding and a lack of teachers to cater to the needs of the students. Personal tutors, on the other hand, are becoming more and more unaffordable. Therefore, online learning has become extremely popular among students and parents alike. It caters to the unique needs of every child and is easy on the pocket as well. Extramarks is one of the most popular and leading online learning app that caters to the needs of every student, adapting accordingly. All the additional help that a student craves for can be found on Extramarks, with a whole repository of ICSE solved papers. It enables students to practice and therefore, to perform well in their final exams. Students at Extramarks are provided with chapter-wise explanations for each of their subjects. Therefore, any concept related doubt that arises, students can find solutions at Extramarks. It has several features that are indicative of its student-centric approach. It has mentorship and group work options so that students feel at ease, taking the pressure off studying for exams. The learning app has Test Prep, coaching centres and offers career counselling to students who want to pave the way to their dreams, desires, and aspirations. The power of total learning at Extramarks is deeply inspiring for students and parents alike. It is a One-Stop-Shop with access for student's curriculum within the comfort of their own home. The student's performance is the central concern of the app. The power of adaptive learning is incorporated into the app so that students have the experience of dynamic, interactive and fun learning at Extramarks. With the availability of ICSE solved papers for every class and subject students can practice at Extramarks within the comfort of their own home. Students can experience education like never before at Extramarks with factual knowledge being disseminated through videos and images. Students at Extramarks can enhance their learning and conceptual clarity and perform well in their exams.

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