Office seating - lifetime warranty - what exactly does that mean?

Posted by hw on November 29th, 2019

There are many factors that need to be reviewed when purchasing office chairs in order to make appropriate and informed purchases.

Most people start with the price and then look at the features of the chair

Ergonomic, fabric color options and the comfort of the chair.

All of these are obvious factors that lead to the decision to buy office seats.

Nevertheless, there is a very important project that is often overlooked --the warranty.

The warranty provided by the manufacturer can tell you a lot about the integrity of the chair.

Life-long warranty is provided by most high-quality office seat manufacturers;

What exactly does this mean, however?

It is recommended to read fine print about lifetime warranty and get warranty in writing.

The lifetime warranty shall include the following: 1.

All moving and mechanical components that should be moved up and down and in and out, such as mechanisms, pneumatic height lifts, casters and arms. 2.

Structural components such as base, seat and back wood.

The poor quality base will actually cause the user to fall off the chair. 3.

Fabric and foam for at least 5 years.

Normal wear should not be confused with product failure.

Fabric and foam deteriorate over time.

This is inevitable.

Foam breaks down from the moment it is used.

The question is how long it takes to break down;

6 months or 6 years

The same is true of fabrics.

To make sure your chair has a foam of at least 2 lbs density and your fabric has at least 100,000 double friction, several rules need to be followed. 4.

Guaranteed weight capacity up to 250.

This is the basic standard for the commercial office seat industry. 5.

The chair should meet Ansi-

Bifma test performance standards.

This is an establishment that sets a minimum requirement for office seats.

In addition, the lifetime warranty does not include abuse or damage caused by changes to the office chair.

Chairs that require 24/7 or large and high applications need to carry a separate warranty that meets these requirements.

Quality office chairs should not require customers to purchase extended warranty.

The concept itself questioned the integrity of the product.

Most of the warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

Since a reliable warranty usually means a high quality product, the immediate result is safety.

People will get hurt when they sit in chairs.

Companies should protect themselves from liability for possible harm caused by office chairs by purchasing quality products produced by quality manufacturers.

Today, China is manufacturing a large number of office seats and office seat parts.

Typically, these chairs and components are manufactured in a cost-first, quality-second mindset.

Getting a reliable warranty from reputable manufacturers to avoid problems is more important than ever.

The old adage \"you get what you pay\" about office seats is very real.

High quality office chairs should have a longer service life than required.

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