How is the flash glitter powder?

Posted by hw on December 11th, 2019

How is the flash glitter powder?

Glitter powder is a kind of metallic glitter powder made of copper and zinc alloy by special machining and surface chemical treatment.

The particle size of flash powder is 200 mesh, 240 mesh, 400 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1000 mesh, 1200 mesh, 1500 mesh, 1800 mesh, 2000 mesh, 2500 mesh.

Flash powder in water connection is prone to corrosion, color change, the physical method and chemical method is adopted in flash powder surface of organic and inorganic coating, studied through different reagents cladding processing of flash powder in the amount of oxygen in the weak alkaline aqueous medium, calculated the efficiency of the corrosion, and differential thermal analysis method to study the different coating process of flash powder at high temperature oxygen resistance; In view of the situation of low flash powder printing gold luster.

By the method of mechanochemical, flash powder surface modification, surface modification of flash powder was studied in the dispersion of water-based connection material, and the influence of floating performance orientational, and analyze its mechanism, to explore the relationship between the performance, and the surface treatment of copper powders reagent is optimized. The main research results are as follows:

(1) the root cause of the corrosion and hue change of the flash powder is the oxygen absorption reaction in the weakly alkaline aqueous solution. The coating of copper and gold powder by organic acid and SiO2 can effectively inhibit the oxygen-absorption corrosion of copper and gold powder, among which the citric acid can form chelate with the metal, with the best corrosion inhibition effect of 95.83%, followed by ascorbic acid 90.28%.

(2) the modification of saturated fatty acids, salt and coupling agent can improve the dispersive stability of water-borne flash powder, which mainly depends on the activity of hydrophobic group and anion. The dispersive stability of long-chain hydrocarbon group is better than short-chain hydrocarbon group.

(3) the floatability of the flash powder depends on the surface modifier and reagent used in the copper.

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