Design art of modern hotel furniture

Posted by hw on December 11th, 2019

2 Since the first century, the social environment has changed rapidly, and all walks of life have flourished. The hotel furniture manufacturers in china is no exception. In order to meet the needs of modern people's material and spiritual life, the hotel furniture industry has innovated, and strives to lead the industry through design concepts and characteristics.

 Design art of modern hotel furniture

There are still many types of modern hotel furniture. According to the functional division of the hotel, different areas are equipped with different furniture. Sofas, chairs, coffee tables, etc. are placed in public areas; beds, bedside tables, sofas, coffee tables, desks, chairs, wall for storing items, etc. are placed in guest rooms. The larger the hotel size, the more furniture types that undertake social functions, and the smaller the hotel, the demand for furniture types will decrease accordingly.

There are two main points to do good hotel furniture design:

First, practicality and comfort coexist. Furniture is closely related to people's various activities. In the design of modern hotel furniture, the "people-oriented" design concept must be reflected everywhere. That's practicality. For example, some hotel tables are designed as work tables and can also be used as dressing tables. Or from an artistic perspective, to reflect versatility. For example, the closet of a guest room can also be folded into a small bar. From the beginning of the design process, it is necessary to show a sense of hierarchy and angle, so as to intersect and fuse the indoor and outdoor environment to a greater extent, presenting harmony, looseness and comfort, and not being restricted to form.

Second, art and decoration. Furniture plays a major role in reflecting the interior atmosphere and artistic effects. Hotel furniture placement and display layout can also make people feel convenient and comfortable, but also give people a sense of beauty. Most modern hotel furniture is furnished in a minimalist design style. Therefore, we can see that the color matching of hotel furniture is more refined, which is also a relatively new decoration method. For example, lighting design is one of its important components, and modern hotel lighting is mainly soft and warm lighting. The reasonable lighting arrangement can create the space atmosphere and warm atmosphere of the hotel.

 Modern hotel furniture

The furniture of Meiying Hotel coexists with practicality and comfort, and the prosperity and splendor of the hotel industry is achieved with art.

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