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Neltharion, also known as Deathwing, is one of the five ancient guardian dragons, the guardian of the earth.
Powerful, wise, calm and calm, but the guardian of the dragon Neltharion in the fierce battle against the Burning Legion proposed to share a part of the strength with the other guardian dragons to create a powerful weapon that can destroy the Burning Legion -Dragon Soul. Using Classic WOW Gold can make players more powerful. If you do n’t have enough vanilla gold, you can buy Warcraft Gold at the lowest price in mmowts to help you grow quickly in the game.

However, Neltharion did not inject his own power into the dragon's soul, but quietly saved his power. After the other dragons were injected, he took the dragon's soul as his own and renamed it the demon's soul. I have gained great power.
However, due to the mighty power of the Dragon Soul and his excessive greed, the Dragon Soul split its body, and flames and heat spewed out from under his black skin. This burning dragon changed its name to Deathwing, turned around to deal with his fellow men, and drove the other dragons off the battlefield. But he still kept his mind, like Sargeras himself, chose the road to darkness and declared war on all races except the Black Dragon.

Deathwing's sudden betrayal caused so much damage that the five-colored dragon never recovered. Alekstasza and other noble dragons were forced to leave the coalition with pain and shock. As the Blue Dragon Army led by Marigos took the lead in stopping the Wings of Deathwing in the War of the Ancients, they were Deathwing attacks the almost exterminate with Dragon Soul.
Nefarian in the Blackwing's Nest is one of the two sons of Deathwing Neltharion, and Black Dragon Princess Onyxia is the daughter of Deathwing Neltharion.

status quo
In the fission of the World of Warcraft expansion piece, the Death Wing of the World Destroyer appeared again. His power and madness will cause a cataclysm within the scope of Azeroth, causing the pillar of the world to collapse and the entire continent to collapse , And the land of fire in Mount Hyjal awakened the Enchanted Ragnaros, causing the residents of the Azeroth continent to face the powerful Elemental Lord again.
In addition, his late son, Nefarian, in the Blackwing's Nest, was resurrected by the Deathwing, and is now stationed in the Blackwing's blood ring to continue the experiments of the colorful dragon and the twilight dragon. At the same time Nefarian raised his sister, the eldest daughter of Deathwing: Onyxia. His youngest son, the black prince Rachio, was not polluted and was the last black dragon.

Deathwing completely reshapes the world of Azeroth from the vanilla version described in Warcraft history. He divided the barren land into two. The waves he set off changed both continents. He even used his burning claws to leave a scary mark on the top of the fortress in Stormwind City, and used this as his personal signature for the Alliance capital and its people. WOW Classic Gold and other Warcraft weapons and equipment are now on sale. Come and choose the equipment that suits you!

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