Teen Sex Addiction and Narcissism: What's the Connection?

Posted by Oxbow Academy on December 20th, 2019

Sexual addiction and narcissism are not best friends but, still, go hand in hand. If you put your attention towards research, it says both women and men that are addicted to sex and pornography also have tendencies of a narcissist. Also, a study was conducted on pornography and, the ultimate discovery that came out of the subject was the time you invest in watching pornography over the internet is somewhere corresponded to the levels of narcissism as compared to the ones who never watched porn on the internet. To get a deep insight into this matter and understand the whole connection between narcissism and teenage sex addiction, it is first essential to look at these situations separately.

Understanding Narcissism

Self-obsession is the main element during Narcissistic Personality Disorder and, the people suffering from it constantly tend to amplify their accomplishments and the talents they have. These people are always looking up for great compliments from other's side and, when they don't get any, it just makes them feel so anxious. This is because they start seeing a superior class in themselves that needs to be complimented every time they meet someone. Once they have started putting them in the first position, it becomes difficult for them to survive in any relationship as they lack empathy, sincerity, and, compassion which is much needed to survive in a relationship. Moreover, it's been proved by research showing that most of the narcissists were seen exhibiting agitation when they failed to get recognition.

Understanding Teenage Sex Addiction

Addiction in teens is often seen when they are restricted from things and, sex is viewed as a secretive, shameful and abusive act in the home. This is a kind of nature in humans that they always want to try things, they have been getting restricted for and, the same happens in teenage. Sex addiction in teens can be easily spotted by detecting the traces of compulsive behavior. The net mentioned are a few examples of how your teen might show up an obsessive response.

  • Poor functioning at home, school, or the workplace.
  • Spending less time with family and friends and getting trapped in the room.
  • Staying more active on computers for long hours and having sexual encounters. 

How Narcissism and Sexual Addiction Intersects

Most of the narcissists you will come across will be heart-throbbing, charming and worth dying for, however, these are the qualities that reassure them to be the best. Since narcissists are used to projecting their skills, they are never behind when it comes to propelling out their views about sex in front of everyone. An addiction to sex linked with NPD can be a tricky combination, however, if diagnosed they can be treated appropriately. In case you are a parent dealing with Teen Sex Addiction, you first have to make the child realize that it's not always about the physical appearances rather emotional connect as well.

Author’s Bio: The author explains the interconnection between Teen Sex Addiction and Narcissism.

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