Things Should Not Be at Home around Disabled Persons for Their Safety

Posted by rima chauhan on December 24th, 2019

There are a lot of things that are better avoided when having a Disabled person and needs to undergo modifications. Like double railings, good lightings, lower closet poles and shelves, etc.

Besides these, at home, the most dangerous area for disabled people are the kitchen and bathroom. You need to make some modifications in them. The kitchen consists of different sharp objects, open flames, etc can harm badly. To make it free access, some modifications are required. Lower the stovetop to 28 inches. This will help him to check what is in the pot before removing it. Try to install a pot-filler just to avoid the requirement of carrying water from the sink to stove. Put the oven controller in front rather than putting on top, this will maintain safety. Try installing a mirror on the ceiling just above the stovetop, this will help him see what is inside. For people having mobility problem in the upper body and limbs, the ceramic cooktops make the pots and pans to slide rather than the need to be carried. If he is using a wheelchair then measure its dimensions and make the kitchen layout accordingly. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Modifications in the bathroom are also required. Change the layout according to the dimension of the wheelchair, add grab bars, make seats that are specially designed for transferring onto/off , keep mats as they are non slip material, make a bench extending outside of the bathtub, a shower seat that can rotate completely, also install a shower in which a wheelchair can be rolled into. But if the person is old enough and suffering from disabilities, it is preferable to use diapers for disabled adults. Adult diapers can be used in case of incontinence, protects from embarrassing situations, controls urinary leakage and remove the danger that may occur while hurrying for a bathroom. Healthcare companies are producing the best adult diapers to meet all the needs in case of some physical disability. Make adjustable sinks, toilets, and shelves for disabled as well as pregnant mothers. They too need to move around safely. Toilet flush extensions, toilet paper claims, gadgets to control water temperature, all these installations should be made by keeping them in mind. Companies are also producing friends maternity pads for mother after delivery when blood flow is high. These pads are thicker, wider and stay longer than ordinary ones.

Make proper modifications and maintain safety for the disabled.

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