4 Benefits That Come with Additive Manufacturing

Posted by dinsmoreinc on December 31st, 2019

There's a revolution taking place in manufacturing. It started slowly, and with a whimper, 30 years ago, but has progressed today to full-blown roar. That revolution is the evolution of additive manufacturing. Thanks to this new 3D printing technology, companies are able to work quickly and efficiently than ever before. Here are a few reasons your company should consider working with experts in additive manufacturing services in California.

1. Lower Tooling Costs

Tooling costs is one of the principal drivers of the cost of manufacturing and a significant barrier for smaller companies trying to enter the marketplace. Additive manufacturers are able to produce their tools onsite, dramatically reducing their expenses. With reduced tooling costs, it's easier for manufacturers to recoup their tooling investment earlier in the manufacturing process, thereby making low-volume manufacturing more profitable. Small companies that rely on the ability to produce fewer units are therefore more able to introduce their products into the marketplace.

2. Quicker Production

Practically every phase of production is faster in additive manufacturing. For instance, during prototyping, products can be tested, flaws repaired, and items rebuilt without the need for retooling. Furthermore, additive manufacturing can be leveraged to reduce production lead time. Companies are able to discover new markets and enter them within matters of days, not weeks or months.

3. Test Complex Components

Simply designed components don't carry the same risks as their more complex counterparts. In the process of manufacturing parts with complex geometries, more can go wrong, and they can be harder to fix. Traditional methods of manufacturing require the recutting of tools, increasing the threats and expenses that come with launching a new product. Additive manufacturing allows for the testing and retesting of designs without the need for recutting tools.

4. High-Quality Components

Additive manufacturing doesn't require strict manufacturing tolerances associated with traditional manufacturing. This makes it easier to create components with small moving pieces with highly precise tolerances. These components can, in turn, be tested and retested with very little additional cost, so that small companies that require lower production volumes have the ability to enter a market as quickly as possible.

Utilizing the advantages inherent in additive manufacturing services, California businesses are able to compete with large companies in ways that would never have been considered just twenty years ago. Finding ways to leverage the benefits that additive manufacturing has to offer is a valuable tool for smaller businesses now and into the future.

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