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Posted by TDOTperformance on March 7th, 2012

To keep your vehicle's performance intact and smooth, it is very essential to have an efficient performance programmer in the vehicle. People who drive SUVs and other heavy vehicles need more power and torque than those who drive petrol vehicles. Diesel vehicles often require heavy duty performance parts and programmers to support their mechanism. Bully Dog products have made life easy for diesel vehicle owners as they are specifically designed to cater their needs. Bully Dog offers a wide range of products for various vehicle brands.

Bully Dog has now become the most trusted brand among diesel vehicle owners, because of their highly durable products. From time to time, Bully dog products are tested under extreme driving conditions. It is being now evidently proved that Bully Dog products enhance a vehicle's performance to a large extent. All the Bully Dog products are engineered to clear diesel exhaust system in order to release more torque and horsepower with less fuel consumption. Bully Dog innovative propane injection system has got remarkable appreciation from the auto experts for improving vehicle's performance. Bully Dog programmers are mounted on the vehicle's dashboard and are connected digitally with the engine via performance chips. The digital dial on the device displays every bit of technical data when the engine is on, such as RPM, horsepower, etc. It is very easy for the driver to navigate through the digital dial and monitor vehicles current performance.

All Bully Dog products are specifically designed keeping in mind the power consumption and other factors concerning diesel engines. The Bully Dog diesel power exhaust system can boost the torque of an average SUV by 220 ft lbs (approximately) and even more if complemented by other Bully Dog accessories. Bully Dog diesel exhaust system not only reduces the back pressure, but also decreases the gas temperature at a time. It proves the efficiency of Bullydog products, as they are engineered to perform multiple tasks at a time. An intelligent built in programmer in Bully Dog device reduces the temperature and gas pressure to the level it is required, hence maintaining stability in vehicles performance. The Bully Dog gauge keeps an eye on other various operations and maintains water temperature, liquid fluid level in the engine & breaks, voltage, horsepower, transmission and various other transmissions. They are well programmed to provide combustion without delaying transmits of data to the Bully dog dial board. Because of this feature vehicles driver gets second to second update of the vehicle's performance.

Bully Dog is constantly improvising their existing products and making new innovative products. The Bully Dog diesel exhaust systems are in vogue these days. They are now focusing on upgrading their system and enable them with highly technological Superchips to increase their performance.

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