Market Needs for Budding Engineers in 2020

Posted by saranyamvs on January 9th, 2020

Data Science & Machine Learning

Software engineering has exponentially grown over the past few years and the future looks optimistic! Data science is a branch of software engineering that involves creating meaningful information from large datasets called big data that can come from sources such as e-commerce, medical or financial sectors. A data scientist needs statistic and software engineering skills to gather, analyse and present data for the end-user to optimise their specific services. Machine learning is a subset of data science used to make predictions from the data collected. Machine learning algorithms will make predictions, test these predictions for accuracy, optimise the algorithm & improve prediction going forward. The more varied the volume of data available, the better the predictions. Engineers graduating from the Best Engineering Colleges in Telangana who want to venture into this territory need a strong background in both mathematics and coding

Automation & Robotics Engineer

Robotic systems are replacing human jobs involving menial repetitive tasks that don’t require dexterity and attention to detail. However, this generates a new stream of skillset required by budding engineers. Robots have come a long way from single-arm welding and assembly robots to complex humanoid machines. A robotics engineer is a promising career option involving aspects of the design, development, testing and implementation of robotic systems. Robotics engineers are typically either mechanical, electronics or mechatronics engineers. As we take a leap towards an automated world, students, especially from Warangal colleges, are placing their bets within the automation field.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers typically work on drilling methods, the design of drilling equipment and implementing and monitoring the drilling plan for the extraction of crude oil. Petroleum engineering has always been in demand and this trend is going nowhere for the coming decade. With the world moving more towards environment-friendly ways, manufacturing giants pushing electric vehicles and clean energy, oil is still here to stay as it is used in many different industries. 

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering was a highly sought-after job in 2019. Civil engineers are the architects of the infrastructure we rely on. There are many different branches of civil engineering which eliminates the risk of a saturated market, making it a great field for students who are currently studying in best colleges for civil engineering. Few of the civil engineering fields students might place their bets on, which include structural engineering, environmental engineering, road/highway engineering and transportation engineering.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering has always been in continuous demand and future looks great for students pursuing this field in top B.Tech colleges in Warangal. Electrical engineering especially few branches like power engineering, instrumentation engineering, and electronic engineering, have a broad range of possible career paths in this new decade.

Alternative Energy Engineer

Demand for solar energy technology is on the rise due to the increased risk of climate change pushing major industries to switch for clean and renewable energy. So, there can be no doubt that alternative clean energy is the future. Despite coal-fired power stations still making up the majority of global energy production, its growth has stagnated while alternative energy has grown. An energy engineer needs skills from a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering. Thereafter a Master's in energy engineering for the specific desired field can further improve job prospects for 2020 and beyond.

Mining Engineer

Mining is the beginning of every product's lifecycle from which raw materials are drawn and manufactured. A mining engineer typically designs both open pit and underground mines and supervises the excavation and construction of these. They also design methods for processing and transporting the mined materials to various processing plants. While the trend for iron is set to fall in the next few decades, demand for lithium, copper, nickel and various other metals required in electronics and batteries is set to rise. Students who are currently studying in best engineering colleges need a bachelor's degree in engineering in addition to sound knowledge of English, physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics to become a mining engineer.

Few other major market needs for 2020 and beyond are Blockchain Developer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, and JavaScript Developer as listed for ‘Emerging Jobs 2020,’ by LinkedIn. Although best placement engineering colleges help students with deciding on a career path it is up to the student to choose an industry that will continue growing. This is achieved by keeping up with market trends and needs. As you can see, there’s plenty of diverse opportunities across several engineering sectors, but it's also worth mentioning how competitive it will likely be to find top-level work within those sectors. Companies will want to hire the best talent, so we hope every student of all top engineering colleges in India pick an area of engineering that drives them to develop your career around something they’re passionate about. Good luck students!

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