How Much Does Laravel Framework Help in Web Development?

Posted by Adam Mathews on January 9th, 2020

PHP's Laravel is now the unanimous choice of all web developers. It is so because of Laravel's unique approach to web development. It not only helps you set up your website quickly but also helps you achieve success in your business. It helps developers in so many ways and takes care of so many areas of development that when developers use it, they do not like to work with any other framework. 

Laravel has many outstanding features. Here are some of them: 

Integrated Project Environment: The Laravel framework comes with an integrated project environment. In this environment, developers can easily manage all their work. They can do some of the complex programming tasks without any hassle. Laravel ensured that all the work is organised and makes the coding process more structured and unified. 

Blade Template Engine: The Laravel framework has several built-in templates. These templates are lightweight and can be used to create website layouts in no time. They are versatile in that they can be used to create a simple, minimalist website as well as one that has full of complex features. They have several options for developers, such as the option to define sections, extend views, avoid conditional statements, and so on. Besides templates, there are several CSS and JavaScript widgets as well that can be used on the site.

Eloquent Object Relational Mapping: Laravel also offers ORM or Object Relational Mapping. ORM is implemented with PHP Active Record, which allows web developers to write database queries using PHP syntax. PHP syntax simplifies the task and developers do not have to spend time writing SQL code. ORM is also faster than anything of the kind that PHP offers. 

MVC Architecture Support: Laravel supports the immensely popular Model-view-controller architecture pattern. The MVC pattern helps to separate business logic and presentation layers. In Laravel's MVC, there are many in-built features as well. These help to improve the performance of the application and also ensure the scalability and high security of it. 

High Security: Security is always the topmost priority for developers due to the increasing rate of cybercrime and the concern regarding security. Laravel offers strong security for all its web applications. It uses advanced password mechanisms such as salted mechanism and hashed mechanism. These ensure complete password protection because they prevent passwords from being saved in plain text form in the database. Laravel also makes use of B-Crypt Hashing Algorithm, which helps to generate encrypted passwords. Its security coverage encompasses all possible areas of attack. It uses prepared SQL statements to prevent SQL injection attacks. 

Laravel's Artisan: Artisan is a command line tool. in Laravel, it is in-built. It helps to automate several tasks for developers, thus reducing the time it takes to set up a website or web application. Due to this tool, developers can avoid performing repetitive tasks in programming. Artisan has other features as well. It can be used to create a database structure for websites. It can also be used to create a skeleton code. It facilitates migration management and makes it easy to manage entire database systems. It can also generate basic MVC files. Developers can create commands as and when they required. 

Database Migration: Laravel's database migration system is one of a kind. When developers make changes to the code, they can easily add it to the website database by expanding the database structure of the site without having to recreate it. Even when a developer makes changes to the database structure s/he can do it using PHP code and avoid using SQL code. It is one of Laravel's most developer-friendly features because it reduces the risk of losing important data. 

Unit-Testing: Laravel's features are incomplete without a mention of unit testing. It supports and facilitates unit testing in the process of web development. Developers can fun multiple unit tests while working on a web application. These tests ensure that the application does not experience any technical glitches when s/he makes changes to it. The applications built on the Laravel framework are therefore highly stable in all their releases. 

Multi-lingual Support: Laravel does not just help in web development. It all ensures that this development is all-inclusive. That is why it supports multiple languages. Developers can build websites in different languages and make it accessible to more and more people. It is highly beneficial to expanding business beyond a country's border to any place in the world. Websites built on Laravel are available to the maximum number of people possible to reach. 

Laracasts: Laravel is made for developers. The framework goes an extra mile to make sure developers can work with it and know how to use it. It offers Laracasts. Laracasts are a set of videos that guide users to teach them how to use Laravel effectively. Some of these videos are available for free while the others are paid. Developers can access them to learn about the various features and functions of Laravel. Even when there are updates to the framework, the videos are upgraded to include information about these updates. 

Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is a common business requirement these days. Laravel fulfils this requirement by providing a cloud storage system to its users. There are two storage options, but the API for both of them is same. This means that a user can easily switch between the storage systems and can also use both of them in a single purpose. They can access files from multiple locations and keep them all in one place for easy access. 

In-built Libraries and Modules: Laravel has several pre-installed Object-oriented libraries and Modular libraries. These libraries make it better than other PHP frameworks because most of them do not have them. They have many features of their own. The authentication library can be implemented quickly and easily. It comes with B-Crypt hashing, Cross-site Request Forgery protection, active user record and password encryption. There are also individual modules that work on PHP principles. These modules help to make web applications modular and responsive. 

In-built Packages and Tools: Just like its libraries and modules, Laravel also comes with several packages and tools. Laravel developers for hire do not have to install new packages manually. Instead, Laravel installs packages automatically by detecting what the user needs. Making this task automated automatically reduces the time involved in web application development. 

What Makes Laravel Different from Other Frameworks? 

The unique features of Laravel simplifies the process of web development. But there is so much more to it than just that. When various businesses and enterprises want to launch a website for their brand, they usually want it customised to suit their needs. The process is time-consuming and by the time website is up the competition in the market is probably over. But if you choose Laravel to build a website, it will make your site ready to launch in no time. It requires minimum effort on the part of the developer. Once launched, the site will be full of features and will cater to user experience at the same time. 

It is also easy to get customised business solutions. Laravel is the best framework for you if you want to convert all your business ideas into solutions in no time. The type of industry or business does not matter because Laravel has a solution for all of them. If you discuss your ideas with your developers s/he can easily bring alive those ideas on your website by using all the resources that Laravel has to offer. 

The users can also have the best experience online. You can keep them satisfied even in the long run when you wish to expand your business and your website. This is because the Laravel framework goes beyond giving you quick solutions for your site. It also supports long-term ideas and projects. Scaling your solution or expanding it will not affect the website, and the transition will be smooth. Further, if you need to transform your website entirely due to the changing demands of the users or the changing market dynamics, you can do so. Laravel is a flexible framework, and therefore, it supports any kind of change or reinvention of the site. 

When it comes to user experience, Laravel also helps you create a personalised experience for all your users. It incorporates emails in the application so you can keep your users updated about events or changes in your enterprise. It has a clean API and also offers drivers for the different email APIs. It allows seamless integration of various email services in the web application. Adding authentication to your email service is also equally simple. 

Laravel supports several back-end services such as Memcached and Redis. You can store all your cached files into Laravel's integrated file system. Caching in Laravel is a fast procedure, ensuring that the back-end functions smoothly. Laravel also supports URL routing. It automatically loads all the app/http/routes.php files and ensures that the application routes to the correct page. It simplifies the process of defining the routes and makes it more expressive. 

More than anything else, Laravel is also cost-effective. Not much expenditure is involved in using the framework. And what you spend on it you will get double the returns. It is easy to use and takes care of website performance. It can give a boost to all new and existing websites.

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