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Social media marketing is a kind of digital marketing wherein you use social media platforms or website to market your product or service. Even though social media marketing is a sub-division of digital marketing but lately, this genre is becoming more popular both by researchers and practitioners because social media is the easiest way to meet your target audience.

Social media marketing helps in the overall growth of the business and is beneficial for the one who is one who is looking to cater to a vast amount of audience at one go. The strategy used to market your product of social media depends on the platform you chose to use. Major social media platforms are:

  1. Facebook: The platform has about 2.2 billion users, and it is a great platform to create brand awareness or advertise your product. The type of audience you will cater to this platform would majorly be millennial and generation.
  2. Twitter:  there are around 335 billion users of this platform, and most of them are millennial.This platform is for B2B and B2C industry impacts and can be used best for PR and customer services.
  3. Instagram: if you are looking for natural-looking marketing, user-generated content, behind-the-scene marketing or advertising, then Instagram is your place. This platform has around 1 billion users, and they are primarily millennial.
  1. LinkedIn: the audience of this platform are generation X, baby boomers, and millennial. There are around 645 million users of this platform and can be best used for B2B relationship, business development, and employment marketing.
  2. YouTube: this platform is best for creating brand awareness, entertainment and for creating how-to videos. With around 1,9 billion users, this platform holds audiences like millennial and generation Z. This platform widely impacts the B2C industry.
  3. Snapchat: with 300 million users, the audience of this platform are mostly generation Z. This platform is best for creating brand awareness and advertising as it impacts the B2C industry.
  4. Pinterest: Businesses widely use this platform for visual advertising and inspirations. With 250 million users, the audience of this platform is mostly older millennial and younger baby boomers.


  • Increase brand awareness: social media is a platform that is considered best for creating brand awareness at this generation. The reason behind this is there are around 3.2 billion people on any of the social media platform globally. Due to this amount of people, it becomes straightforward for any business to advertise their product. Moreover, social media is all about like, share, comment, and re-post, which help the company to increase awareness by directing traffic straight towards their site.
  • Foster relationship with customers: it becomes easy for the business to create a lasting relationship with their customers. This can be done as businesses can directly have an interaction with their consumer on posts or by responding to the questions or comments of the consumer and by helping them if asked for. You can also ask your consumer to review the product for you so that you can find out where exactly you lack.
  • Generates leads and boost conversions: promoting your product or service on a social media platform helps you to improve lead generation, increase sale and boost conversion because you are advertising your product to the interested buyers. Leads can be generated by creating contest or giveaways, including links to your website and offers, live host videos, sell product through your social profile, start social media marketing campaign. There are many social media marketing agencies in Ahmadabad which can help you with these.
  • Learn from competitors: social media is a great way to keep a check on your competitors. You can know about the marketing tactics and strategies your competitors are aiming for via following their social media platform. Social media grants you a way to find out what and what not your competitors are working on and also understand what exactly your customers are looking for and this way you can work on your product as well. Many digital marketing agencies in Ahmedabad handle all of these in the most proper way possible.  

Social media marketing is a marketing platform that every business should consider at this internet era and make an investment in this division. At the same time, they plan to invest in promotion because this platform provides assured ROI.

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