Which are the benefits of 2-stroke engine

Posted by hw on January 11th, 2020

If you would like to motorize your bicycle, JIALI 2 stroke bicycle engine kits is economical and practical. Whether you are using this kit for business or pleasure, you're certain to relish the easy functionality, fuel efficiency, and steady power with our bike engine kits. In this site, we would like to tell you're the benefits of the 2-stroke engines.


A two-stroke engine is a kind of internal combustion engine that finishes a power cycle using two strokes of the piston through just one crankshaft change.


Two-stroke engine employs for small powers required in autocycles, scooters, and motorcycles. In two-stroke engines, there are no suction and exhaust strokes. There are only two remaining strokes that the compression stroke and stroke. These are usually called the upward stroke and downward stroke. Also, rather than valves, there are inlet and exhaust ports in two stroke engines.


Advantages of Two-Stroke Engine Over Four Stroke:

The two stroke engine gives one working stroke for each change of the crankshaft. The four-stroke gives one working stroke for every 2 change of the crankshaft. Hence, the energy developed by two-stroke engine is twice that developed by four-stroke engine for the identical engine speed and cylinder quantity. Due to one functioning stroke for every change of the crankshaft, and therefore it need a lighter flywheel within it.

For the same energy, a two-stroke engine is more streamlined, light and requires significantly less space than a four-stroke engine. Thus it's more suited for auto-cycle, scooters and bikes.

A two stroke engine is significantly simpler in construction and mechanics. The ports are simple to design and they are to cover and uncover by the movement of the piston itself.

It has high mechanical efficiency due to the lack of cams, crankshaft and rockers, etc., of those valves.

It provides less torsional oscillations.

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