led dimmable drivers features and applications

Posted by sere on January 11th, 2020

IPON's led dimmable drivers have been widely used by star hotels and museum lighting projects for many years. With its excellent technology and quality, IPON's has been a professional one of global hotel lighting suppliers among Hong Kong and Macao lighting engineering companies. 

led dimmable drivers features:

led drivers basics:led dimmable drivers is an electrical device that adjusts the illumination level by changing the light flux of the light source in the lighting device. The purpose of the dimmer is to adjust the different brightness of the light. Light output with different intensities produced by reducing or increasing the RMS voltage to produce average power. Although variable voltage devices can be used for various purposes, this reorientation controls lighting

led dimmable drivers applications:

In Hong Kong, not only are there emerging landmark buildings, and star hotels&museum lighting projects have adopted IPON led dimmable drivers products. In recent years, Hong Kong's well-known "old-fashioned" five-star hotels and museums have also continuously adopted IPON led driver dimmable products in lighting renovation projects. Allowing more visitors to the hotel, the museum enjoyed high-quality lighting and a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

For example,The M + Pavilion has opened on September 9, 2016. Prior to the completion of the M + Museum Building, the M + Pavilion will be the main venue for M + to host exhibitions and events; with the opening of the M + Building, the Pavilion will become a small independent exhibition for artists, designers and other institutions in the West Kowloon Art Park. Space for events.

Lighting design reflects and enhances the soft power of hotels and museums. Through the led dimmable drivers lighting control technology, different brightness, color temperature, and color of the light are realized, and the different distribution of light highlights the scene environment, reflecting the taste and grade of hotels and museums. In this magnificent star-level hotel and museum lighting upgrade project, IPON's led dimmable drivers technology-leading products have been widely adopted by domestic and foreign well-known big-name hotels and museums. The glorious glory brings guests a higher-level light environment experience and more comfortable light atmosphere enjoyment.

Related products for hotels and museum LED dimming projects, you can consider dimmable led driver 0-10v, the characteristics of dimmable led driver 0 10v are as follows:

0-10v dimming Product Features:

• Amplify driving ability of 0-10V signal, or convert PWM, passive signal to 0-10V signal

• Support 0-10V active signal, resistance/passive signal, and PWM signal

• High quality amplifier, output current of 200mA

• Used for the situation that the main controller’s driver ability isn’t enough

0-10v dimming Product Technical Parameter:


dimmable led driver 0-10v Product Image:


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