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Posted by john kabir on January 14th, 2020


Saw the rear underside of the handle will protect your right arm saw the time. Right-hand protection is needed if a chain that has gone out of position can, despite being caught, hit the back of the saw.   Best Pole Saw 


The safety trigger at the rear handle grip ensures that the gas can only be operated when the handle is held. The safety trigger prevents the saw from being accidentally gasified.


Vibration reduction is important not only for safety but also for the comfort of the saw.

Operation and maintenance of the chain saw

The use and maintenance of a chainsaw will greatly affect the life cycle of a saw. Properly used and regularly maintained, the saw easily lasts 10 to 20 years.


From the point of view of the power of a combustion chain saw, the smallest fuel that will not expire even if the saw is idle for a long time is the best option. The chain of the chain saw should be sharp every time the saw is used, as sawing with a dull chain will unnecessarily burden the machine. The more often the blade is sharpened, the easier it is to sharpen. If the chain saw is really dull, sharpening is a tedious and difficult task.

Ensuring chain lubrication is important. When using an internal chainsaw, the blade oil tank is refilled each time the fuel is refueled.


There are also very cheap chainsaws on the market today that cost less than € 100. For them, the availability of spare parts can be difficult or even impossible and the quality of the parts is usually not as high as in the more expensive alternatives. A cheap saw may have a short life. Well-known brands have the advantage of easy access to spare parts.


Electric saws have no air cleaner and no fuel, so they are easier to maintain than an internal combustion saw. All chainsaws should be serviced annually. Service should be carried out because of the expertise and the tools and spare parts needed by the dealership. Regular maintenance of the saw will be less costly than the cost of repairing the saw sooner or later.


Keeping a chainsaw is easy because the saw is not afraid of cold. The saw can be stored, for example, in a summer cottage over the winter. The machine must be left with a small engine fuel for shelf life. The storage position of the saw does not matter.

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