Hydraulic rivet machine

Posted by Allen Lee on January 16th, 2020

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Hydraulic rivet machine
Model No.: A127 Place of Origin: China Manufacturers


1. Hydraulic oil: N46 hydraulic oil, the normal working oil temperature is 15-65 degrees, and the oil must reach the oil standard 1/2 height.

2, start

(1) Start the motor: check the direction of the motor (for the direction of the pointer)

(2) No-load start, no-load stop

(3) When starting, first start and close the start button several times, check whether the sound of the pump is normal and whether the riveting piston rod is telescopic or not.

(4) Pressure regulation: adjust the working pressure to no more than 15 MPa.

3, riveting
Before lifting the caliper body, place the rivet in the small hole that the angle iron has previously punched, and place the concave part of the upper part of the caliper body on the upper cover of the nail. Press the handle

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The button, the hydraulic clamp starts working. Penetrate the iron plate. After the punching is successful, move the small hole of the lower die of the caliper body away from the iron rivet, and then press the handle button.

The upper and lower molds squeeze the iron rivets to complete the entire process.

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