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N95 Filter Material Roll
N95 Juneng Filter Material is a leading melt-blown nonwoven fabric manufacturer,which specializing in the production of all kinds of mask filter material roll, air filtration with high-quality microfiber filter material.Meltblown nonwoven can be applied to individual protection, industrial site, hospital health place, machinery, and other industry....
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Sports Baseball Cap Manufacturer, custom baseball hats, Factory, Sports Baseball
Professional Fashion Factory Sports Baseball CapOverviewModel No.: Baseball CapPlace of Origin: China manufacturerSpecificationsNameBaseball capMaterialCottonSweatbandCottonBack closurePlastic strapLogoEmbroideryColorImageItem NumberMZ-783DimensionAbout 58cmDepthAbout 11cmWeightAbout 0.065kg/pcBrimNormal slab rubberRemarkThere will be...
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2019 Newest Fashion Embroidery custom baseball hats, Manufacturer, Factory, base
2019 Newest Fashion Embroidery baseball hatsOverviewModel No.: baseball hats Place of Origin: China manufacturersSpecificationsNameBaseball capMaterialCottonSweatbandCottonBack closuremagic tapeLogoEmbroideryColorImageItem NumberMZ-516 DimensionAbout 58cmDepthAbout 11cmWeightAbout 0.069kg/pcBrimNormal slab rubberRemarkThere will be De...
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AOJ clinical thermometer digital infrared baby thermometer
Why Choose AOJ-20A Infrared Thermometer?1. Multi-Function: It has Adult forehead mode, baby forehead mode, ear mode, object mode, 4 modes make the temperature measurement more accurate.2. Easy to use, The machine Design intention is for Simple and accurate.3. Read the temperature in 1 second, so the parents no longer worry about the difficulty of ...
temperature measurement, aoj 20a, infrared thermometer, clinical thermometer, thermometer, temperature, aoj - Posted by hifactory - Posted 13 Hours Ago

Oversize Heat Press Photo Laminating Machine
Product description Features for heat-assisted cold laminator:Adopts low-temperature cold laminating, mainly used to solve the issue that cold laminated imagesare hazy. Driven by electric, including floor stand and foot pedal switch.Adjust CE quality 60W motorStainless steel feeding table130mm (5") upper rubber rollerAuto - take-up systemAnti-tilt and anti -...
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Aboard A2, Aboard poster stand, outdoor advertising display, Display Equipment,
Aluminum Poster Stand for Outdoor Advertising Display Cheap A Board Poster Stand A2Economy Aluminium A board for indoor and covered area useDouble-sided with 25mm aluminum snap frames with chrome effect rounded cornersGood stability with 20mm sq profile legs and plastic back panelsSuitable for Indoor or covered area use due to its lightweight designUV st...
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Wishēngjiān mojīn ji de xuǎn gu jqiǎo yǒu nǎxiē? Wishēngjiān de yīxiē r
What are the purchasing tips for bathroom towel racks?For some daily necessities in the bathroom, only large items such as bathroom cabinets, water heaters, etc. are considered, but some small items are often overlooked, such as towel racks. The towel rack is a must-have item in the bathroom, which combines practicality and aesthetics.When choosing some ...
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KL6-D msha approved cordless mining lights with RFID tagging system Manufacturer
KL6-D msha approved cordless mining lights with the RFID tagging systemOverviewModel No.: KL6-D Brand: BRANDO Place of Origin: ChinaPacking: 1pcs lamp + 1pcs US... Battery: 6.8Ah Panasonic B... Weight: 220gWork Mode: Main Light -auxili... Light color: Cold White Charging Time: 6hrsWorking time: 18hrsSpecificationsBRANDO is pleased to offer its latest ser...
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Laboratory Rubber Mixing Mill Machine for Lab Testing Manufacturer, Factory,Find
Welcome to Qingdao Running Machine Co.,ltd.Laboratory Rubber Mixing Mill Machine for Lab TestingOverviewModel No.: 10" X 24" Place of Origin: China ManufacturersSpecificationsProduct DescriptionProduction Name: Laboratory Rubber Mixing Mill Machine for Lab TestingModel: XK-160Application: The mill is used for rubber plasticating, mixing, warming and sheeti...
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Hot-DIP Galvanized Grating Clips for Steel Grating Fixing Manufacturer, Factory,
Hot-DIP Galvanized Grating Clips for Steel Grating FixingOverviewModel No.: 1 Place of Origin: ChinaSpecificationsHot DIP Galvanized Grating Clips for Steel Grating FixingProduct DescriptionSteel GratingBearing bar centers: 15-30, 40, 60, 80, 90 mm etc. with 30, 40 mm recommended.Crossbar centers: any greater than 30mm is ok. with 50, 100mm recommended.M...
steel grating, yantai wanjie, grating fixing, grating clips, steel, grating, wanjie - Posted by hifactory - Posted 28 Days Ago

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