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How to use step aerobics
Board operation as a form of aerobics has increasingly become a fashionable way to lose weight. The pedal operation is aerobic aerobics, which is different from general aerobics in that the movements and steps of aerobics are done on the pedal. Step aerobics has all the characteristics of aerobics, plus its height can be adjusted, bodybuilders can easily mai...
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The use and customization of dumbbells
Custom DumbbellFor people who don't have a lot of time to exercise comprehensively, portable exercise equipment, such as dumbbell ropes, is popular. It is not only simple and easy, but also has a good exercise effect. So it has become a customized product for many units, so on the dumbbell issue, the editor of You Gift summarizes it as follows. &#...
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What material is pu yoga mat?
The English interpretation of PU anti-skid pad is polyurethane material, which is a kind of environmentally friendly material that is more commonly used in the market to make anti-skid pad products.PU anti-slip mat is not corrosive, will not corrode other places under long-term exposure, and will only fade a little, and it is non-toxic and odorless, and wi...
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How to choose and use a foam roller?
Wavar, as a wholesale foam rollers supplier in China, is specialized in yoga mat, foam roller, resistance band and dumbbell. We provide you with factory price and quality assurance.Foam rollers are almost an indispensable tool for yoga and fitness personal training. Its principle is to relax the fascia through its own weight, relax the tense muscles, promo...
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What are the benefits of the station balance board What are the precautions for
Many people practice balance boards. Practicing balance can shape and train balance ability. What are the benefits of standing on the balance board, and what precautions are there to stand on the balance board? let us see.Training on an unstable surface. In the case of steady and slow movement balance, you need to concentrate on controlling muscle and body...
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The resistance band is so easy to use!
For many people who exercise regularly, resistance bands (also called elastic bands) may be the least valued of common fitness equipment.Compared with traditional dumbbells or barbells, resistance bands are extremely small, but you may find it hard to believe that resistance bands are a great strength training tool.Elastic bands may not give you more int...
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What size is the right yoga mat? How thick is the yoga mat
Yoga is a very popular way of exercise. Many people practice yoga regularly. Yoga mat is a necessary fitness equipment for practicing yoga. There are many styles of yoga mats. Let’s take a look at yoga mats. What size is suitable? How thick is the yoga mat suitable?What size is the right yoga matThe international standard for yoga mat size is 183*61,...
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A pair of dumbbells to exercise the whole body, teach you the most practical exe
Barbells and dumbbells are the two most commonly used fitness equipment. The advantage of barbells is stability and the installed weight can be very large. The advantage of dumbbells is that they are flexible and compact.The weight of barbells ranges from 2.5KG to 25KG, and the weight of dumbbells ranges from 2.5KG to very large.If you are new to fitness...
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Is the yoga mat good for pu or tpe?
Today, I am here to popularize the difference between the yoga mat material pu and tpe, so that everyone will understand in the future, while shopping online, they also have a deeper understanding of this.Yoga mat material comparison:The so-called pu yoga mat refers to: while the natural rubber is foamed, the pu leather is heated and formed at one time, ...
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How to exercise arm strength for beginners?
If you want to achieve your expected arm strength, the most important thing is persistence. For beginners, there is no need to buy a lot of health equipment at the beginning, and in fact they are not needed. Using some simple exercise equipment, such as arm bars, dumbbells may bring you different surprises.Dumbbells. Lift dumbbells and lunge squat with bot...
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