How to Maintain Office Carpet

Posted by DanielTrounson on January 20th, 2020

Your office always has to be in top condition as you are inviting people over on a daily basis. Some of them are working for you years and others are just about to join your business as potential employees. So, maintaining the cleanliness quotient of your office is always the first priority for so many people. Now the biggest concern is to maintain the office carpet clean. Going for the basic office cleaning won’t work unless you have a special team taking care of your carpet. Using special formula and cleaning detergents, they will ensure to keep the office carpets clean and fresh for a long time.

There are some ways in which you can maintain office carpet to stay clean. Other than calling up experts for commercial cleaning Noble Park, be sure to follow some other points as well.

  • Try laying rugs inside and outside doors:

Before you enter the main centre of the room where there are carpets allotted, you have to pass through the main door. Try to place rubber rugs inside and outside the door, where you can swipe your shoes to get rid of the dirt collected from outside. Then you can move inside the room and try keeping the carpet clean for long.

  • Rugs for the higher traffic areas:

You should place some rugs in higher traffic areas. You can even cover the top of the carpets with mats, which will ensure that he carpets at the bottom stay right and tear-free for a long time. Conference rooms, foyers, hallways and break rooms are probably used quite a lot. So, the carpets over there are more susceptible to extra tear and wear. Extra coverage will do it well. Don’t forget to give a commercial cleaning Hallam a call sometimes.

  • Deep clean for the carpets:

It is true that regular vacuuming can help remove around 80% of the debris and dirt from carpets. But, thanks to the best ever deep vacuum cleaning, you will be able to manage 100% dust-free scenario. The areas with higher traffic footnotes must be cleaned deeply on a monthly scale. For the medium traffic areas, be sure to address deep cleaning thrice or four times annually. In terms of lower traffic areas, be sure to call experts for deep cleaning, once or twice a year.

  • Be sure to create a maintenance plan:

A proper and regimented maintenance plan will help you to choose the right cleaning methods and never miss on a date. For creating your maintenance schedule, you need to chalk out a map of your office first and mark various levels of foot traffic across different parts. You can categorize the areas with traffic light system. For example, mark the heavy traffic area red, medium one yellow and lower-traffic areas as green. From there on, you can work on cleaning methods every area needs and then create a maintenance schedule for the office.

Contact professionals always:

For any kind of carpet cleaning for office areas, you need to contact professionals. Don’t try to do this on your own as you might degrade the look of the carpet more than improving it. Just try to get along with pros and let them guide you through the stages of office carpet maintenance and cleaning from the core.

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