5 Benefits of Using Compound Pharmacies

Posted by wahab on January 31st, 2020

  1. Allergies 

Allergies play a huge role in compounded medication. They are one major reason for people to switch to a compound pharmacy rather than a pharmacy that distributes commercial medicine. 

If a patient has an allergy to a medication a compound pharmacy has the ability to mix the compounds. The compounded medication includes the active compounds that benefit the patient. 

The pharmacist is able to negate the compound the patient is allergic to. The pharmacist then substitutes a compound that benefits the patient rather than causes an allergic reaction. 

This is extremely helpful and benefits The patients. With so many allergies these days it has allowed for a compound pharmacy to Taylor please drugs to suit the patient.

  1. Two Birds with One Stone

There are many patients out there with more than one ailment. It does not necessarily need to be a physical ailment but multiple mental disorders. 

For the physical ailments, compound pharmacies are able to mix the compounds to tailor the patient with more than one ailment. 

Also, patients with multiple mental disorders can benefit from a compound pharmacy. In today’s world, there are many people who suffer from multiple mental disorders created five the world and also their genetics. 

If a patient has multiple mental disorders they may benefit from a compound pharmacy that serves the patient with compounded medications. However, with any patient regarding compounded medication, it is necessary to consult with your physician and pharmacist. 

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  1. Creates Better Communication Between Doctor and Pharmacist

When switching from a commercial medicine to a compounded medicine the patient must be keenly aware of its effect.

It is the patient's responsibility to communicate with the pharmacist and the doctor in describing their results. This communication bridges specific information between the doctor and the pharmacist. 

It allows the pharmacist and the doctor to keep more of a watchful eye on the medication’s effects on their patients. 

The doctor may call the pharmacist and assisting them with the proper information to treat their patient.

  1. No Lines

Because compounded medication needs to be called in by a doctor and created by the pharmacist the patient cannot simply walk in and stand on line for the medication. 

The medication is manufactured by the pharmacist for the patients physiological makeup. Therefore the patient will be notified when their tailored drug is ready for pickup.

Because of this personalized structure for the patient to receive your medication, there are no lines. These medications are made by the compounding pharmacist. 

So the pharmacist can concentrate on mixing the compounds correctly together for the patient. In essence, it is a perfect model for a call in prescription.

It allows the patient to simply walk into the pharmacy and pick up their compounded medication.

  1. Most Insurances Accepted

Usually, specialized products in any arena of business is going to cost more money. Specially tailored products are a luxury and not considered billable to insurance companies. 

So despite do uniquely manufactured compounded medicine, most insurances still except the pharmacist's request for coverage on compounded medication.

For many people, this is exciting news. Those suffering from multiple disorders who may also be allergic to medications are in luck. 

They do not have to worry about their insurance company not covering their medication just because it is a specialized medication.

Parents with children do not have to worry about providing a medication that is compounded because they have an allergy. 

They will not have to worry about not being able to take care of their children. Rest assured most insurances will not give their members trouble. This is a win-win for everyone involved. 

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