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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Anger is one of the most common emotions. Most of us get angry . some of us get angry at the smallest provocation, while for some others it takes more. Some of us keep our anger with us and seethe with that while others may release it immediately.

Anger over what was done wrong with us is the most damaging emotion. It tires us very fast. Any betrayal can give rise to anger that can go out of control. Even the memory can evoke same intensity of anger. I know of one person whose sweetheart ditched her. She was extremely hurt and angry. The thought itself was overwhelming. One day she saw the photograph of her sweetheart with his new love. The pain of anger and helpless frustration was unbearable and medical help was called. After that whenever she got the memory of that photograph, she used to imagine two very dirty dogs in that picture. The anger remains, but that photograph does not hurt as much.

Why do you get angry? When do you get angry? Your anger lasts for how much time? Are their any triggers that ignite your anger? Analyze them carefully. If possible, write down about your anger and think about it. Compare your anger reaction with others if possible. Find out all about your anger personality. Avoid the triggers. Avoid people who make you agree. Avoid thoughts that ignite anger. Save yourself from your anger.

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