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The word sustainability became widely recognized in 1987. The concept of “Sustainable Development” was announced at the centre of the report “Our Common Future” published by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development.

The idea was that "environment and development are not mutually exclusive, but can coexist. Therefore, development should consider environmental conservation." The same is true for corporations, with the consciousness that "Economic development and protection of the global environment are not conflicting, let's make them compatible", and make the world sustainable from three perspectives: environment, society and economy. It represents the idea of going.

What is the relationship between sustainability and CSR report?

CSR is corporate social responsibility

Companies also have a high level of interest in sustainability initiatives, which involve CSR and Annual Report inside Pages Design.  From an ethical perspective, CSR is the responsibility of a company to contribute to society through its business activities.


If a Company pursues only profits, it may have a negative impact on society. That is why CSR is about not only pursuing profits, but also taking responsibility for the impact of corporate activities on society. Since this philosophy also leads to the persistence of the company itself, it is the most fundamental idea in corporate management.

In addition to meeting laws and guidelines, you want your Annual Report Cover Design to be planned for distributing to your team, and to give out to your important clients, customers, or shareholders.

Sustainability report (report)

The Sustainability Report is a report that summarizes the social activities of a company that conducts sustainability management and makes it widely known to society. Sustainability reports are also called "sustainability reports" or "CSR reports".

The beginning of the Sustainability Report began around 1980, with the rise of citizens' movements seeking solutions to growing environmental problems. Following this civic movement, companies began to produce and publish reports summarizing their commitment to environmental issues.

Later, not only the environment but also social issues were compiled, and overseas CSR reports began to be compiled in the late 1990s, summarizing social initiatives.  In most cases, it can be downloaded from the company website and made available to anyone.

Why are annual reports necessary for companies in the first place?

Now, foreign investors' investment trends not only have a huge influence on the stock price formation of companies, but also the foreign ownership ratio has reached an unprecedented level. IR targeting foreign investors is important not only for companies listed in overseas markets but also for many companies in maintaining fair share prices and strengthening the shareholder base.

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