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Posted by Richard Pierce on February 7th, 2020

Moving from one country to another country is considered one of the greatest dreams people have. Though only the rich persons were able to move to another country and take permanent residence in the last century, the scenario has been changed. Now the people working in the corporate sector residents move to a foreign country and become permanent residents there. 

The main reason behind this tendency is the welcoming immigration policies of Canada and also the friendly relation between Canada and India. So, before making a plan to go to Canada and take permanent residence people has to follow some steps that are called the Express Entry process. To follow the process people need to submit some documents as proof of the information they have given in the application form. Documents you need to provide in Express Entry Canada from India are given below:


To apply for the visa of permanent residence in Canada the primary need of an applicant is Passport. Without a passport, an applicant cannot move to any country because a passport is considered one of the identity proofs even in the native country. So, in the application form of Express Entry, the copy of the passport or the travel document should be provided by the immigrants. To fill the passport documentation you can consult a consultant Canada immigration.

Photograph of the applicant  

The photograph of the applicant should be attached in the application form of immigrants. Though people have a photograph on their passport still it is mandatory to provide the original photo of the applicant. The original and current photo of the applicant can help directly to prove the original identity of the applicant and also avoid the confusion in case a criminal is trying to escape in disguise. So, the photograph is an important document in the application form of the Express Entry Canada from India.

Certificate of Police Clearance

Police clearance is a mandatory protocol for making a passport. After getting the police verification certificate you need to upload this on your Express Entry application form. A police verification certificate is considered a very important document as proof that the applicant has not any police record and he has not any wish to escape from the country. You can take help to provide the documents in the application form consultant Canada immigration.

 Medical Certificate

In case the applicants or their family member has any serious disease or they are operated patients then providing a medical certificate is a mandatory job for the applicants. It may be questioned why the medical certificate is mandatory. The reason is when an applicant is applying for permanent residence in Canada he can get some medical funds from the Canadian government. So, the medical certificate is also an important document to be considered.

Letter of Work Experience

In case the applicant has long work experience, it should be surely provided in the application form. Not only this document will help to increase the score of Express Entry, but also these documents help to get permanent residence very quickly according to the work experience. So, attaching work experience is a must in Express Entry Canada from India.

Source of fund 

Applicants need to provide their source of the fund so that the authority does not have any doubt. If an applicant gets a job offer in Canada then it will be considered as the source of funds in Canada. 

So, documents are really important for permanent residence applicants.

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