Why Website Redesigning will Grow your Business

Posted by JDM Web Technologies on February 17th, 2020

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Every business owner is serious about their online presence. After the digital India campaign number of internet users has increased exponentially in India. Now Businesses know that not having a website will result in missing a lot of opportunities. Therefore now almost all businesses have their website present on the internet. Even traditional businesses like product manufacturing have also accepted the importance of having a business website. Companies like GoDaddy want to capture a big market in India and that's why they are also spreading awareness about having a Website for Business. But here we are not talking about those who don't even have a website. Here we are talking about Website Redesigning.

Why Redesigning if website required

Now businesses are serious about digital marketing and also have websites. But many business owners think is just having a website is ok. Also, there are many businesses out there that provide only basic information about their businesses. Most offline businesses like manufacturing companies have static websites which are having very few pages on websites. These websites are not designed as customer friendly. They are just made by businesses to show that they have websites.

There are many companies that are earning in crores but not giving any attention to their website. They don't understand that the Redesigning website will give them more revenue. Because your website is now your first impression on the customer. So if you have a business website then you must think of Redesigning it. But if you thought your website has all the features which are necessary for the customer also the design of your website is good then there is no need to design.

Here are few parameters you should check that will tell u whether u need to redesign your website or not.

1. Look or design - as we said your website is the first impression of your business. You must have a beautifully drained template for your website. Your business website should look professional and should have a responsive and eye-catching design.

It should be designed in such a way that it looks modern and easy to use. All important options should be easily accessible. If you not have websites like this and having the old type of design, then you should consider changing it. For that, You must hire a good Website Redesigning company India.

Features of Website –

If you have an old website then it's fine. But is your website giving you what you want? We have seen many websites made years ago lacks in features. They even didn't have even features like social media integration, easy to use navigation, customer chat option, Payment Gateway, blog section, etc. Having such an inefficient website is not of any use. Instead of making a new website again redesign your website. If you have technical knowledge then do by yourself. but if don't have any then we recommend you hire a Website Redesigning Company in India. Because they will tell you exactly what you need to redesign your website. If you redesign your website then visitors' engagement on the website will increase which can result in getting leads or inquiries about your business.


Is your old website loads fast? Now in today's digital world, the attention span of human beings has decreased significantly. He is not ready to wait for even 2 seconds. So if any customer or visitor coming to your website and your website is taking time to load then he or she may leave your website. Because everyone wants everything quick. So making a faster website can change many things. Case studies on big websites like Amazon have shown that they were able to increase their revenue by just making websites a few milliseconds faster. So if your website is taking time to load then it may be because of poor structure or heavy templates. You must consider Redesigning your old low-speed website. For that, it is good if you give this work to a professional Website Redesigning Company.

Custom features –

Many websites lack in May features that may be required for your business. If you are providing services then you must have chat support directly integrated on the website. Or if you want to start accepting online payment through customer then you have to integrate payment gateway on the website. Depending on your business there are many features that your website may not have. Updating your business with the latest trends like online payment, the chatbot is always a good idea. While Redesigning you can tell website Redesigning company, what are your requirements and which latest features you want on your website.

Choosing Right Website Redesigning company in India

The important part starting part of the website Redesigning process is to choose a Professional and experienced Website Redesigning company. There are many agencies that are doing this work on a daily basis. You must be clear on what changes you want in your website. There are thousands of website Redesigning companies in India but you should choose one which is the best fit for your business and your budget.


As we found that a company website is the first impression of your company in front of your client. However, it is important to make it in a perfect design. For that, you can Be Redesigning your website from a good Website Redesigning Company.

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