Reasons Why You Should Choose Dedicated Hosting UK

Posted by adairsawyer on April 3rd, 2012

Dedicated hosting UK service has recently become extremely popular among website owners. It differs from shared hosting because the website owner will not have his/her website hosted on a shared server and instead an entire server would be provided to him/her. While the cost of shared hosting services may be 20-30 dollars per annum, if you want award winning hosting services then you need to pay a little more than the standard amount. This high price is justified because possessing a server in entirety is extremely beneficial especially if it is a global business with ambitious expansion plans. 

You can look for a provider of dedicated hosting UK service online to address the need of increased storage capacity for the website of your company. Since this kind of service provides extra storage space attributing to the fact that an entire server is at your disposal, you can store a lot of documents and applications on it. When you go for an award winning hosting service, you will not have to deal with the problem of having lots of bulky and costly servers physically installed in the office of your company and this also means you need not employ extra staff members to take care of it.

So what kind of business requires dedicated hosting UK services? Well, this kind of hosting option is suitable for companies that handle a huge amount of data, for example outsourcing firms, publishing companies and so on. Also, for social media companies, online stores and other websites that have high traffic, dedicated hosting service is the right way to go. Obviously these companies would require award winning hosting services so that they can store and organize their information but if security is an issue especially against malicious online threats, then you should choose such a service.

Why should you go for dedicated hosting UK services? A lot of people do not go for award winning hosting service because they think that there is no need to spend extra when one can have the same thing done in a lot lower price with shared hosting. However, the low price of shared hosting services comes with its own risks and it is crucial for webmasters or website owners to understand the nature of such risks. For example, when numerous websites share a single server, then it also implies that they all would be having the same IP address, and the action of any one of these sites may effect your site detrimentally.

Sharing and IP address can pose a lot of risks for a website and prevent it from succeeding - this is courtesy of the presence of a lot of adult-oriented websites and spam sites which are found on shared servers. If your website is among the same shared server hosting these sites then it stands the risk of being boycotted by some search engines on legal grounds. Hence it is highly important to know about your neighbors on the server. If you do not want to go through all this fuss, then an award winning hosting service would be the ideal solution and this is why dedicated hosting UK services are so popular.

The option of dedicated hosting UK is much more flexible than the conventional shared hosting because your website would not be impacted by the other websites or their performances in any way. Irrespective of whether it is an award winning hosting service or a regular one, dedicated hosting means that an entire server would be allotted to one website only. In this way, not only does the website owner enjoy complete control over the website but also has the freedom of selecting his own operating system, hardware and other variables.

Although the option of award winning hosting services may cost a little more than others it offers many other advantages. Because such a service ranks as one of the best amongst the various dedicated hosting UK providers it is well worth the investment and is good value for money.

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