What Instigates Murder?

Posted by Joseph Franks on February 18th, 2020

We are all capable of murder. It sounds horrendous, but it is true. Recall all the times you fumed in rage, cried in pain, or lost patience and thought about killing someone. You may have said it out loud, short of truly meaning it. You might have hurt someone and thought they deserved it. We all possess criminal tendencies; most of us choose to suppress them and maintain a threshold, while others don’t. Denton County Criminal Defense Attorney, TX reasons that there is no precise description of what a murderer looks like, and people you least suspect lose their cool. Only a small percentage of murders are committed in self-defense or for the sake of survival. While serial killers and mass murderers have complicated back-stories, the average murder is a selfish act of violence.

Raging Factors

Killing someone with a plan and motive is entitled as ‘first degree murder’; it is the worst form of criminology, leading to harsh legal consequences like lifetime imprisonment and death penalty. Nonetheless, thousands of homicides occur in the U.S every year and many cases go unsolved. It is possible that a fellow coworker or neighbor who appears completely harmless took someone’s life and got away with it. Several triggers in an environment influence a person to act irrationally. Alcohol/drug abuse, genetic makeup, financial deficits, and social instabilities are a few situations frequently associated with murders. Personal jealousies, betrayal, rivalries, bullying, and discrimination also play a role in creating conflicts that promote incidence of a homicide.

Relationship between Domestic Violence and Murder

Although domestic violence and murder are not regularly linked together, we shall take into account that a family member is the culprit in about 25% of homicides. Domestic violence is a common counterpart to the questionable psychology of spree killers as well. Traumatic events during a person’s childhood or teen years can build up sheer hatred, which later drives them to vengeance. When the victims of domestic violence choose to remain silent and refrain from legal action, it may potentially boost the audacity of an offender. The past has witnessed cases where a person murdered all his/her family and then committed suicide. Despite the presence of supplementary factors like unemployment, a cheating spouse, or drinking problems, a violent streak is apparent in the executioner.

Staying Safe

Being in a relationship with an individual who is emotionally explosive places you in a risky situation. A short tempered, over possessive, or overly suspicious partner is quick in jumping to conclusions and can be unforgiving. It is better to end things and appeal for a restraining order against someone who poses a threat. Alcoholics and drug addicts are typically out of their senses, as intoxication promotes aggressive behavior. These people will do anything to fulfill their craving and do regretful things under the influence. Petty theft and drunk driving are two widespread aftereffects that often lead to the loss of lives.

If someone in your family or a close friend has a drug or drinking problem, you must get them to a rehabilitation center before they exhibit major misconduct. Getting mixed up with a homicide is a serious case, so you must refer to a qualified defendant to represent you in court.

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