Garden Wagon Cart: Make Gardening Work Easier

Posted by sere on February 19th, 2020

A garden wagon cart is a wheeled vehicle used to carry small loads that can be pushed by a person. It has a handle and one or more wheels. If one wants to do a lot of work in the garden, then he or she should not have a garden cart. Indeed, garden utility carts are valuable for helping a person perform his or her favorite planting practice or professional work in his or her daily life.

Different Sizes of Garden Carts

Small Sized Cart:. This size of folding garden wagon cart is a good complement to small or light lawn tractors. And, because they are small, they are not suitable for heavy work. The load capacity is only 500 pounds and the load size is only 6 cubic feet. However, never underestimate this little item, as it can still help keep the garden lush and beautiful.

Medium Sized Cart: These carts are sturdy and durable. Generally, their tires are better than those of trolleys. The load capacity is 1000 pounds and the load size is 12 cubic feet.

Large Sized Cart: These carts are ideal for heavy work. They provide a lot of space for large and bulky jobs. This is not to say that these carts only have good tires, in fact, they also have very heavy one-inch axles, so users don’t have to worry about bending or breaking the axles.

Benefits of Garden Carts

The folding garden cart with wheels is a great choice for those doing farm, backyard or landscaping work. The carts can be of great help when there is a large amount of material in and out.

Garden carts are well-made, stable, and easy to handle. They make our lives easier and smoother, especially when it comes to gardening. Not only do they continue to be a staple in the garden, they can also haul everything, even heavy loads. Compared to wheelbarrows, they can hold more things and also have higher stability. What's more surprising to gardeners is that the large bicycle tires of garden carts make it especially easy to handle heavy loads.

The folding garden cart with wheels make it easier to plant seeds or clear weeds without having to bend over or get down on your hands and knees. These sit-down carts include a rotating swivel work seat with a basket and a tray for toting tools and planting supplies. Some also have an extendable steering handle for navigating yards and garden rows.

Some Things to Consider When Choosing Garden Carts

A garden cart is a very important tool in gardening, as it can help gardeners to remove dead leaves, wood and many other things. Therefore, it is necessary to choose garden carts carefully. The one who wants a helpful tool is supposed to make sure the cart can withstand frequent use, huge loads, and sometimes even rough ground.

Furthermore, there are several factors to consider when purchasing a garden wagon cart, such as wheel type, load capacity, and durability. Finding the right cart for you involves finding the right balance of these features for the load and purpose you need.

The Application Range of Garden Carts

Garden carts are probably the best working partners for gardeners because they are what every serious gardener needs. They may also be friends of farmers, migrant workers, landscapers, and even construction workers. Because they are very useful in hauling, transporting, moving and lifting items. They are adaptable, versatile, and flexible, and they can indeed give backyard projects and responsibilities an advantage. They are very effective and can help people avoid problems when gardening outside. All in all, they make large jobs easier.

Garden Carts Product Parameters

Model: QT5043

Product Size(mm): 1020*500*570

Load Capacity(kg): 250

Weight(kg): 23

Wheel: 3.50-4

Tray Material: Steel

Frame Material: Steel

Color: Green


Qingtai QT5043 Mesh Folding Garden Wagon Cart

Garden Wagon Cart Product Features

-With its 350 kg capacity, hinged drop sides and its robust pneumatic tyres, this garden cart is sure to come in handy for a variety of tasks around the garden.

-Cart frame, bed and sides are made from durable steel and steel mesh materials and powder coated a vibrant color. The cart sides fold down and can be completely removed by removing the side pins. Removable steel mesh sides for added versatility when carrying larger loads.

-New frame design allows for quick and easy while offering improved maneuverability, rigidity, and ground clearance.

-The four metal sides are usually open and/or removable for easy cleaning. They are pulled with a long handle. This type of cart is best for hauling plants, fertilizer, wood chips, and dirt. Removable sides give you greater versatility of use as you’ll be able to move bulky, awkward-sized loads.

-The handle has a 180-degree turn range. And the padded large handle allows for extra comfort while hauling.

-The heavy duty reinforced axels and pneumatic tires are able to roll easily over any terrain.

-This cart is not meant for children to play with or ride in.

-The product is provided with a one-year warranty.

Qingtai is a professional manufacturer of garden wagon cart. If you want to know more information or want to get the cart, feel free to contact us.

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