5 Reasons To Look Into Local SEO Agencies

Posted by Nabin Shaw on February 21st, 2020

Having an online business is exciting. Telling your friends and loved ones about your new online business makes you feel like a champion, but how do you get the word to others who may be looking for your products and services? Having an online business with no traffic is like a brick and mortar store having a building with no address. So how do you let people know that you are open for business? Search engine optimization or SEO gets you the traffic you need to bring the customers to the front door of your online business. What’s more, these customers are looking for you because they have specifically searched for you to get exactly what it is you are offering. Often times, online companies focus on more traditional SEO optimization. While this is good, it is important to understand that traditional SEO has more of a national reach. This puts your online brand in competition with national brands. Since it is challenging for local businesses to keep up with larger national brands, your local business would be better optimized by competing with other local brands. For this reason, a better idea is for smaller businesses to focus on local SEO.

Local search engine marketing is an effective way for your business to promote your products and services locally to customers who are searching for what you are offering. Since the intent for most online searches is local, it is important to position your business presence where local customers can find you. There are numerous reasons to go local on your SEO.

Customer evolution.

Gone are the days when customers pick up a business directory to find products and services. It is more common for customers to perform a quick online search for what they are in need of. The convenience of purchasing online has changed customer purchasing behavior drastically. It is extremely convenient for customers to compare products and pricing with the click of a button as opposed to traveling from location to location to make the same comparisons.

Local competition.

As mentioned before, when smaller local companies try to compete on a national level, the playing field is not even. This type of competition is like comparing granny smith apples to gala apples. Even though you are comparing apples to apples, the competition is on a larger scale.

The purse strings.

Chances are, if you are a local business, you wouldn’t have the budget to compete with a larger national business. Local SEO is much easier on the budget for smaller companies. The ultimate goal, whether it is national or local, is higher rankings. From a practical standpoint, the principles are the same, however, from a budget perspective, there is a significant gap. It is wise to spend your marketing dollars where they really matter.

Search engines suggest going local.

Search engine companies have started re-evaluating how consumers search for online products and services. The shift in consumer purchasing behavior is causing search engine companies to encourage local businesses to refocus their marketing efforts to local SEO. This gives local companies an advantage over national companies by virtue of their location.

Going mobile.

Everywhere you look, you see a mobile app for one thing or another. Just about every business has an app or is in the process of developing an app for on the go access to products and services. The data that drives these apps is from local business and directory listings which further supports local SEO.

Regardless of the budget, the ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website. Local SEO agencies are better able to understand the needs of local customers. They are able to achieve higher rankings in local searches. If you are in search of local SEO agencies, ironically, you can simply search for them online.

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