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Posted by sere on February 24th, 2020

Hello everyone, this is my first explanation.

I am just an amateur and interested in making circuits and pcb in a completely DIY way.

I read a lot of articles about domestic PCBs.

They are all good except one step.

Make holes for mounting.

Starting with the laser print PCB layout, install the components that you can do at home in addition to the drilling program.

You have a rig with a small drill chuck that can hold 0. 5-1. 5 drills.

Then I have it in my heart. why not DIY PCB hand drilling rig?

My goal is to build one with garbage that can drill holes to install components.

Remember, this is not a professional rig.

With it, you can make small enough holes on the PCB to install the electronic components.

The processing of the drill will depend on the type of drill you use. (made)

Below is my PCB hand drill and PCB making settings.

That\'s why you need to make a PCB hand drill machine. 1. 24v DC motor (

Old dot matrix printer)2. Nylon pulley (

From printer only)3.

Mounting screws 3mm (

These are used to install the motherboard in the CPU)4.

3mm hardened screws (2-2.

Inch length5.

24 v power supply, some basic tools, grinding machine with rough and smooth wheels.

Make the drill bit: take the 3mm hardening screw and cut off its head.

Then grind with a smooth grinder, as shown in the following figure.

This step requires little experience in grinding operations.

Drill 2 in figure is not good.

It can make holes, but the finish of the holes will be very poor.

As its area increases from the top to the end.

Where as drill 4 has the same area from the tip to the end.

So with it, you get the exact circular holes.

In another picture you will find different types of walkthrough. (

Sorry, I was in a hurry so I used the MS paint)

Bit 1 has a rounded edge, so you have to apply a lot of force to the drill because it\'s easy to grind.

Drill 2 has a square edge.

So there will be 4 cutting faces.

With it you will get good holes but it is hard to grind.

Same as drill 3 but it has 3 cutting edges instead of drill 4.

So you have to experiment, which is good, which is right for you.

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