How was Baseball Created? The History of the most Popular Sports in US

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Baseball is one of the sports with the largest number of fans worldwide. Being one of the most watched sports in the United States and Central America with millions of spectators, baseball has been established as part of the culture in many countries.

All sports fans know MLB. The biggest baseball league in the world has fans all over the world who watch all the games of their teams. Recently, one of the best ways to view the MLB is through LMI Sports MLB reddit streams. However, very few know what the origins of this sport and the biggest baseball league in the world were.

Just as football was invented in England, baseball had its origins in the United States. This is not surprising considering that the best teams in the world are American. Its beginnings date is 1839, although there is no official data confirming this year as the start date.

The origins of baseball in the United States

Games with a stick and ball date back thousands of years in the past. Because of this we could say that baseball was not invented from one moment to another. It is the evolution of many previous games which had a lot of modifications.
After the arrival of English immigrants to the United States in 1978, the practices of playing with a stick and a ball became popular within this country. Baseball began to take shape as a sport as children took to the streets to "hit" balls in the streets.

However, it was not until 1982 when a group of young people formed the first baseball team. This team headed by Alexander Cartwright was called New York Knickerbockers Base Ball Club. As the first team was formed in New York, the sport was renamed to "New York Game." Soon after, it was renamed as baseball again.

The first game of this sport was played on June 19, 1846. The teams faced were the Knickerbockers against New York Club. This was considered the first official game in baseball history.

By 1850 baseball had already become popular throughout the United States. Many new teams were formed that practiced this sport driven by the fanaticism of the people.

The organization through the Major League Baseball


After the formation of so many teams, it became extremely necessary to generate professional leagues in which this sport was practiced. Under this need, the MLB was formed in 1903. The MLB was responsible for managing the Major Leagues in the United States and Canada.

All the tournaments that were formed needed to be supervised by an entity. Given this problem, it was decided to form the MLB to manage the competitions.

Currently, the MLB has 30 teams, 29 from the United States and 1 from Canada. During the year 162 games are played in which the first 5 of each league pass to a postseason championship. The best in each league play the World Series where the MLB champion is defined.

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