How to choose and buy polycarbonate rolling door

Posted by aihw on February 27th, 2020

Choose and buy polycarbonate rolling door method:

1. Look at the qualification certificate

The polycarbonate rolling door must have the inspection certificate issued by the legal inspection institution, and have the security technology and prevention product permit issued by the security technology and prevention department of the provincial public security department (bureau) where the production enterprise is located.

2. Look at the safety level

Polycarbonate rolling door safety is divided into A, B, C3 level. Class C has the highest anti-theft performance, followed by class B, and class A has the lowest. Most of them are class A in the market. They are generally applicable to ordinary families. Class A requirements: all steel, open and closed, ordinary mechanical hand tools and portable power tools interact, its weakest link can resist the abnormal opening of the net time ≥15 minutes, or should not be able to cut A hole through the door body of 615 square centimeters.

3. Look at the material

The transparent door piece material of polycarbonate roll shutter door is polycarbonate (PC bulletproof glue) anti-theft performance is good, the door piece is connected piece is to use double layer structure aluminium alloy profile commonly, can embed the door piece up and down, its base is also to use aluminium alloy, corrosion resistance, beautiful and easy.

4. Look at the locks

Qualified polycarbonate rolling shutter door generally USES three-way lock or five-way lock, not only lock lock, upper and lower crossbar can be inserted lock, fixed to the door. Most doors also have rubber seals built into their frames to close them without a jarring metal crash.

5. Look at the process quality

Polycarbonate rolling door attention to see whether there is open welding, welding, welding and other defects, to see whether the door and door frame with all the joints are compact, clearance is uniform, open is flexible, paint plating is uniform firm, smooth, etc.


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