What is a silicone phone case

Posted by hw on February 28th, 2020

Silicone phone case belongs to the category of silicone gift in silicone products. It is a kind of colorless and flavorless mobile phone sheath made of silica gel raw material through vulcanization molding, which feels soft and feels close to human skin.

Silicone phone case with good elasticity, wear - resistant, environmental protection, high temperature resistance and other characteristics. Early silica gel mobile phone cases are solid color, due to the continuous optimization and progress of the process on the market mostly color! This kind of mobile phone case is mostly export, Europe and the United States developed countries with more. With the rise of iphone products in recent years, this has driven a large number of domestic demand for silicone phone cases. Here,

Color of silicone phone case

The color of silicone mobile phone cover, is through the addition of a certain column of color paste in the raw materials to deploy. In theory, the color on the pantone color card can be deployed, in practice, there will be a certain degree of chromatic aberration.

Advantages and disadvantages of silicone phone case

Advantages: easy to use, dustproof, fingerprint proof, easy to handle; Moderate hardness, mobile phone silicone cover will have a certain degree of softness to protect the phone; Mobile phone silicone cover variety, there are many different specifications of the pattern, can be changed every day or regularly different mobile phone silicone cover to enrich life.

Disadvantages: in addition to protecting the phone, the silicone cover of the phone is easy to get dirty, which will affect the heat dissipation performance of the phone, increase the thickness of the phone, and affect the use of the phone.

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