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Posted by albertareid on July 24th, 2012

People apply for getting loans due to various reasons. The desire to make certain dreams come true call for significant investment and more often than not, financial constraints come across as being the biggest obstacle. It is only through a loan that one can get hold of some extra cash and therefore, take a step further towards achieving your goal or objective. However, obtaining loans is not as easy and hassle- free as it might seem. An individual with a poor credit history is refused loan by the financial institutions. Again, this credit history is determined by a lot of factors, important of which includes the job status of the debtor, an estimate of his monthly salary and expenses along with whether he had been at fault ever in his future. Having said that, those who are unable to get the standard loan may find themselves eligible for a secured loan. Here is some essential information about this type of loan and few of their advantages

To begin with, a secured loan is one that calls for the debtor to pledge some asset such as property or car to secure the loans. This asset, also referred to as the collateral, turns into a secured debt owed to the lender who grants the loan. If ever the seeker defaults, that is, fails to make the repayment, this collateral becomes a permanent possession of the creditor, who has the rights to handle the asset in any desired way. Borrowers often prefer staying away from getting this loan out of the fear of losing their valuable assets. Nevertheless, this is an extreme situation that occurs only when the debtor fails to repay. On the other hand, financial institutions prefer granting the secured loans to those who have been refused loan earlier. This sort of loans is actually beneficial to both the creditor and the borrower.

Analysing the other advantages of a secured loan, the biggest benefit is that the loans can be repaid over a longer period of time. The time period can actually extend up to 30 years. Moreover, secured loans are more reasonable than the usual loan, as the rate of interest is low while the APR is significantly less than that charged on the unsecured loans. Seekers who have been refused loan based on their bad credit history are advised to opt for the secured types as, the asset gives an assurance to the creditors and therefore, facilitates a better deal.

In order to make sure a proper use of the secured loan, one must be careful about the home equity. As such, people who have been refused loan due to instances of default in the past must borrow only what they can surely repay. Anything contrary to this will result in the loss of precious assets.

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