Kickstarter Ouya Making Waves Years Ahead of Release Date

Posted by jackbandy on August 5th, 2012

There are many reasons why console Ouya is making waves in the gaming world. With a revolution in the making, Ouya is generating a lot of interest. It has its fair share of doubters as well but what is incredible is to see Ouya reaching its targets as far as funding is concerned. The Ouya console is all set to give gaming developers and game lovers something to cheer about. It has received a massive shot in the arm too with Kickstarter. Ouya has received a huge support from the general public with pledges creating waves like never before to support the project. The trust of the general gaming public based on the sheer concept of the console is incredible. 
Kickstarter Ouya has already cross about $5 million, which is incredible considering that the concept has not been announced too far back. Making use of Bluetooth 4.0 and with an Android 4.0 OS, console Ouya is hardly the size of a Rubik’s cube making it even more sensational. It comes with a quad core Tegra processor from NVIDIA. The creators of Ouya can start smiling too, with so many funds being generated in a short span of time on Kickstarter which is a popular crowd funding site for creative projects. In fact, Ouya took just about 8 hours to cross the 1 million mark on Kickstarter raising eyebrows and in the process attracting a few cynics too, who are waiting to see what happens with the console project eventually. 
To some game developers, who have been innovative in the past with Wii or Playstation, the console Ouya is a great way of getting the games to the television and enjoying them without the usual challenges. Kickstarter Ouya project with its thousands of backers gives hope to creative game developers who over the years have turned to other media platforms like mobiles which are far friendlier. There is no need to purchase an expensive SDK kit or spend on license or retailing fees anymore. It will function like an open source project where anyone is free to develop games and contribute as long as they meet with the basic condition that part of the gaming experience should come free of cost. 
One of the things that you would find about Kickstarter Ouya page is the fact that gaming developers have the independence to develop games using the console as a free development kit. This offers a great opportunity to sell free to play video games, part of which comes free of cost with Ouya for other gamers. With a free version, gaming developers can lure players to purchase, subscribe or upgrade if they want more. Console Ouya is still a few years away from completion by which time it would be obvious whether the free to play model that it is revolutionizing will survive the test. There could be a few problems with the interface and the specs and it will be a matter of time before one can find whether the project is worth the talk. 

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