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The movement of each mechanism is controlled according to the production

Posted by bindingwatersas on March 17th, 2020

The tapered gear shifting device and forming device are removed, which simplifies the mechanism. Human-machine dialogue through digital display instrument and touch screen. In addition, knitting machines, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber machinery, and printing and dyeing machinery also use AC frequency converters in large quantities.

In order to increase the switching frequency of the inverter, a power insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) reed wire suppliers is used instead of a general high-power tube (GTR).2 The mechanism is simplified and the performance is improved. 3. Among them, PLC is used to control the operation of the whole machine and the parameters such as the moisture regain, the temperature of the drying room and the pulp tank, and the pressure of the pressure roller. Is a high-quality, high-level equipment.

The movement of each mechanism is controlled according to the production process curve, thereby simplifying the mechanism. The following describes the different types of inverters. The circuit structure is simple and the reliability is high. For example, the roving frame uses AC frequency conversion speed regulation to remove the cone gear transmission mechanism, thereby overcoming the problem of inaccurate slipping and speed change of the cone gear transmission belt. Therefore, it is mostly used on knitting machines or less demanding textile machinery. Industrial control computer, PLC and inverter are used to control 4 motors, which rotate the ingot wing, roller, simple tube and dragon ribs to lift and lower, respectively.

Can achieve high frequency response, high precision and intelligence.As for the spinning frame, the forming cam in the forming mechanism is removed by the use of a frequency conversion governor, thereby overcoming the phenomenon of pauses and impacts on the peach bottom caused by the forming cam. Forms a step-by-step control system. It is a high-level roving frame. (3) Adopt vector frequency conversion control asynchronous motor with speed feedback, closed-loop frequency conversion speed regulation, such as Tai'an V2 frequency converter with PG card. Speed ​​range can reach 1000: 1.1 Reduce power consumption and reduce costs Textile factories cannot do without air-conditioning equipment.

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