Why DNA Testing Tenant Dog Poop In Your Community a Good Idea?

Posted by No Vacancy on March 24th, 2020

DNA testing dog poop is increasing in popularity with apartment communities. It deters the residents from allowing their pet’s mess to litter the property. If you are tired of resident complaints and have wasted a great amount of time cleaning up after offenders, then it is the time for you to look for dog poop DNA testing companies.

The process of dog DNA testing is quite streamlined but the process of getting set up and negotiating fees will vary according to the service provider. After you sign up, each dog in your community will have to register their DNA into your service’s pet registry. This is done by a cheek swab when applicants are approved to move in or on the pets already living in your community.

After the registry, whenever you find dog poops on the property, you send a sample to the lab; the lab will match the DNA of the dog poop to the DNA in their registry. This way you will be ready to fine or warn the resident to maintain the landscaping that your community takes pride in.

Here are some other benefits of hiring dog poop DNA testing companies.

  1. It will make the offenders accountable

With the help of DNA testing, you can discover the lazy pet owners in your apartment community and also if the problem is community-wide or it is just the work of a few residents only. You don’t want to ban pets from the property just because of a few irresponsible residents. Only the culprits should be held accountable for the mess.

  1. It deters poop offenses

There is always a reason behind everything popular and the same goes here too. The residents will think twice before leaving their dog’s poop after the DNA testing.

3. Testing costs can be covered using the fine

You can easily cover the costs of the collection kit and DNA processing with the fine that you receive from the offending resident. It can also generate some extra revenue for your community.

Less poop, less cleaning time

When there is less poop littering your community, your landscaping or maintenance crew will have to spend less time cleaning it up. It will give them more time to focus on the real needs of your community. It will also boost your curb appeal naturally, which will make the residents and applicants happy.

With all these benefits, you do not have to think twice before hiring the dog poop DNA testingcompanies.


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