Two Prime Features of Premium Five-star Hotels of India

Posted by Roseatehouse on March 25th, 2020

5 star hotel deals in Delhi

The hotel star rating system is used quite commonly for the purpose of characterizing resorts and hotels in the world. This system is considered to be one of the most definitive ways of efficiently determining the overall quality of any hotel facility. There are no such fixed parameters used for determining these hotel rankings as they tend to commonly differ from one country to another. 

Majority of nations have their very own methods for hotel rankings, which ideally range from one to five-stars. The hotels having five-star rankings are famed for offering their guests an unparalleled level of comfort & convenience and tend to feature a plethora of high-end amenities and facilities. Coming to India, people can typically find the best five-star hotels here in popular tourist spots like Rishikesh or major urban hubs like Delhi. These facilities are specially designed to offer the guests with all the comforts, contentment and peace that they crave.

The growing popularity of five-star hotels in India has been influenced significantly by the increasing affluence of the Indian middle class. The numerous amenities and high-end comforts found in these hotels make such facilities a top choice of contemporary discerning leisure and business travellers.

Here are two key characteristics of premium five-star hotels of the country: 

  • Aesthetics: The majority of five-star hotels are designed and developed by expert professionals and hence boast of elegant and sophisticated aesthetics. Their decor tends to be highly posh & chic and are usually in tune with the overall thematic resonance of the building. For example, wooden furnishings and panelling can commonly be found in hotels that have been designed to reflect a certain regal and old-world charm. While on the other hand, metallic and matte tones are usually seen in the establishments channelling a more contemporary look. In addition to enhancing its aesthetics, the décor of such hotels is ideally designed with the aim of putting all the guests present there at absolute ease and providing them with a perfect setting to enjoy a comfortable stay.  Some of the best five-star hotels of India have been designed by world-famous architects, while their designs are influenced by the Indian traditions and beauty of the nature.

  • Service: Prompt, professional, consistent and good quality service is among the key hallmarks of five-star hotels and these features enable these properties to both attract and retain discerning loyal guests. All five-star hotels are staffed with professionals who are well-trained and experienced. These professionals have the competency needed to both anticipate and fulfil the various requirements and needs of the guests in an extremely efficient fashion.  The staff members of five-star hotels always strive to deal with the issues of the guests in a considerate & affable manner and are obliging towards all their requests. Moreover, five-star hotels usually also have the facilities for round-the-clock room service, which is a key factor differentiating these establishments from typical hotels. 

People can avail attractive 5-star hotel deals in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other major urban hubs through the website of these hotels.

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