How can your Housing Society fight back against coronavirus?

Posted by rahul349 on March 30th, 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the complete lockdown across the country seeing the worsening situation due to the pandemic of Coronavirus Disease. In the last few weeks, the number of positive COVID-19 cases has significantly increased which is a grave concern for our society.  In these hard times, it is really important for your housing society to come together and fight back COVID-19. 

Housing societies and apartment complexes are making new rules to ensure that every family is safe. 

Example of the prestigious Seabreeze society on palm beach road Navi Mumbai has taken the initiative of fighting COVID-19, so they adopted many measures and rules which are being followed by the residents of the society. 

This is high time to prepare your society against the pandemic and not to panic, just follow these steps and you can protect your society from the impact of COVID-19: 


Let's start with you only, Rules you should follow:

1. If you don't have any symptoms but you were exposed to an infected person then you should go for quarantine. This is different from self-isolation. Here you're placed under medical attention to find out if you have got infected or not. 

2. Self-isolation is the option for the people who are already sick and they disconnect from meeting with any other person.  It is recommended for a period of 14 days when a sick person should refrain from going outside of the house. 

3. The self-isolation period can stretch depending on how long the person is showing the symptoms.


If your family member is infected: 

1. Just a single relative should support the tainted individual if the last needs assistance. 

2. Try not to deal with the utilized garments of such a patient straightforwardly with your hands. Try not to wash these in the clothes washer alongside garments of other relatives. 

3. Utilize a sanitizer when meeting the contaminated individual. Put on something else on the off chance that they have contacted you unintentionally. 

4. On the off chance that a relative is tried positive for COVID-19, it is significant that all other relatives additionally isolate themselves for a time of 14 days despite the fact that there may not be any manifestations. In the event that there are side effects, quickly get yourself tried as well. 

5. All things and surfaces contacted by the contaminated individual ought to be purified. This incorporates tables, seats, racks, toilets, garments, utensils, and so forth. 

6. Separate individual consideration things like cleansers, cleansers, towels. Try not to utilize similar washrooms, if conceivable. 

7. Self-announce the condition to your lodging society or neighbors so you don't have any guests during such a period. 

Rules the residents of the housing society should follow: 

1. Try not to visit or interact with any individual who has an ongoing history of having gone back from a crown influenced district. 

2. On the off chance that you have, by some coincidence, come into contact and show certain side effects, isolate yourself till you feel okay and the lab results are negative. 

3. Evade gatherings and assemblages to keep up protected good ways from others. 

4. Contingent on your state authority, if COVID-19 cases are being accounted for from a specific province, town, settlement, the region organization may even request to seal the zone, bar section and leaves, boycott vehicular development in the territory, start latent and dynamic reconnaissance, assign certain structures for disconnection. On the off chance that you feel this must be done, don't spare a moment to advise the specialists. 

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