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Ways in which SEO delivers rich dividends for a business

Posted by aspireideas on April 2nd, 2020

When people interact with search engines over the internet, they are unlikely to go beyond the first page of search results. Whatever an individual is on a lookout for is frequently available over Google’s first page.

To make one’s online presence work for one, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is hence important. A business must hence attempt to appear on the first page of Google search results, with the services of the best SEO Company in Odisha.

SEO nowadays is indispensable for a business

Being on Google’s first page gives access to even more customers, and delivers creditability and authority for a website. It brings in more corporate relationships, and SEO is hence indispensable for a business in the present day scenario.

Local SEO

SEO goes beyond attracting international and nationwide clients. It alternately creates a local client base as well, in a genre known as local SEO. As many as 30-50 % Google searches, done over smartphones are now local.

Local SEO gives end consumers on a lookout for specific products access to your store. As an example, when an end consumer types in a search term related to a specific product with the name of the locality where he is looking out for services, a business website can show up. But a business website must optimize local SEO for the same, as accomplished by the best SEO Company in Odisha.

A few of the finest techniques for Local SEO include using the proper keywords and optimizing Google My Business (GMB) page, combined with the requisite use of social media. Businesses should list themselves over local directories and mention business-specific information such as the kind of products that they sell. They should mention their addresses as well.

Similarly, a business must create separate GMB pages for distinct store locations and get backlinks from reputed websites, such as local newspapers and business associates. A GMB page allows a business to be listed over Google maps and results in the form of more visitors to a brick-and-mortar store. 

It is then important that a local business ranks higher for the right keywords. If one makes the profile right and adds a business description over GMB, it enables a business to appear in the local pack or the 3-pack on the first search page of Google. In a local pack, the top three relevant business listings are displayed. A business must also associate its listings with the right kind of tags.

Local SEO delivers higher ROIs as compared to other marketing methods, such as local newspaper ads, e-mailers, and leaflets. 

SEO for B2C and B2B websites

There is a difference between the SEO conducted for B2C and B2B websites. Sales, while being a sufficient KPI for B2C websites may not be a sufficient KPI for B2B websites. 

B2B decisions are deeply thought over and take longer. Hence a lead is a better KPI. Leads can be contacted later, over phone or email. 

In content marketing, concise product descriptions and short tail keywords perform better for B2C organizations. For B2B organizations, product descriptions should be detailed and long-tail keywords prime a website for success, as implemented by the best SEO Company in Odisha.

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