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Go In For A Futuristic Sign With Backlit Signs!

Posted by heritageprinting on April 14th, 2020

Backlit display, as the name suggests are lit from the behind. They are illuminated due to a light source that is placed behind the display or the signage. They are extremely futuristic looking and are extremely vibrant, colourful, and are visible at all indoor settings without causing too much interference in the overall décor of the environment. The two major parts of a backlit sign are the lightbox and the graphic decal. The graphic aspect goes in front of the light source. While deciding which types you can choose from, backlit signs charlotte NC provide multiple ranges of options. There a few things that you must consider before choosing a backlit sign. They are the size of the graphics you want to display on your signage, and how durable or long you want your sign to last. 

Main types of backlit signs: 

  1. Fluorescent light box signs: as the name suggests, they make use of fluorescent tubes to illuminate the graphic effectively. The light in a florescent lightbox is spread evenly, and the image is vibrant and bright.
  2. LED boxes: LED is lower in power usage compared to fluorescent light boxes and can create concentrated light better. 

Main types of mediums the graphic can be printed on

There are many types of mediums that the graphics or the actual signs can be printed on for your backlit signs. Some of the most common are:

  • Backlit paper
  • Printable film
  • Photography film
  • Inkjet film
  • Vinyl/Fabric 
  • Adhesive films

Each of these mediums has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on which purpose you plan to use your backlit sign for. 

What are the main advantages of a backlit sign?

A backlit sign is more eye-catching than the normal types of banners or signs: 

if you require a solution that is eye-catching and vibrant, then a backlit sign is an ideal option for you. It is not only extremely vibrant, but it is also very futuristic. The element of technology and lighting make it an extremely attractive option compared to any of the alternatives available in the market today. 

It does not affect the rest of the aesthetic of your indoor settings:

unlike other banners which may be difficult to integrate with the rest of the aesthetic of your Lobby Signs, room, or shop, a backlit sign does not, in a negative way impact the rest of the aesthetic of the room that you place the sign in.

They are affordable and durable: 

two main advantages of a backlit sign is that they are durable, meaning that you do not have to frequently replace them or change them, and they are affordable. The fact that they are durable adds to their affordability as well. 

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