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Overview of Salesforce modules

Posted by iamakhila on May 5th, 2020

ou might have heard of (CRM) or your company might even use Salesforce modules. Everybody seems to be jumping on the Salesforce train, from Fortune 500 firms to startups. And with share prices rising steadily in recent years, there seems to be a good reason for that. If you ever wondered what module to learn in Salesforce modules, this article is for you. Let us see about different Salesforce modules.

The different Salesforce modules are as follows.

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Salesforce sales cloud- CPQ
  • Salesforce lightning training
  • Salesforce app exchange
  • Salesforce admin training
  • Salesforce developer training

Before getting into these modules let us briefly discuss about Salesforce and companies using Salesforce cpq training.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a  cloud based CRM specializing in CRM cloud computing as a Service (SaaS). Salesforce modules allow businesses to make greater use of cloud technology. This helps to communicate with consumers, partners and potential clients. The app has become the number one for customer satisfaction. Besides it allows companies to check consumer behavior, customer demand, and many more.

Salesforce recently surprised investors with smashing third-quarter figures. It has posted .5 billion in revenue in the third quarter-up 33 percent year-over-year.

In recent years, the software enterprise has become very successful. Founder of The Street, Jim Cramer, also termed Salesforce as a 'Cloud King'. This was on stock quite for good reason apparently.

This was Established in 1999 by former Oracle (ORCL). Salesforce is one of the world's first cloud-based CRM software companies. This is for successful usage. Salesforce has to leverage cloud to develop a range of applications using analytics. This is to better connect with their customers. Besides it helps to give them valuable insights into their services.

The solutions are extensive, according to Salesforce. their CRM focuses primarily on supporting customer retention organizations. This keeps their customers happy, searching out and retaining executive clients. Besides it gives businesses insights into their customers and much more. Let us have a look at companies already using Salesforce training.

Companies using Salesforce

Salesforce reportedly had 150,000 businesses using its platform in 2017.Companies use Salesforce to understand their customers. It interacts with them at a number of levels, and helps their client base expand.

The cloud-based software enables businesses to monitor (in real time) analytics, customer satisfaction. Besides it also addresses service, customer complaints. There are a variety of other CRM features including convenient access to cloud storage wherever the users are.

Companies using the program see average improvements in a number of areas. This includes an average 27 percent rise in sales revenue, 32 percent increase in lead conversion. Besides 34 percent increase in customer satisfaction and 56 percent faster delivery.

Thanks to its diverse selection of clouds and software, Salesforce is also used by businesses to assist with marketing. Besides it also monitors sales monitoring and spending, and performance analysis. Various clouds allow users to analyze different data. This is to maintain contact channels with customers, execute sales strategies and more.

Essentially, Salesforce is the one-stop shop for businesses. It allows them to manage, retain, connect and expand their base of customers and revenue.

How does Salesforce Function?

So, how is Salesforce doing in practice. The business is a service as a software (SaaS)-indicating that it uses a model of cloud computing. The software delivery that hosts apps and makes them accessible online. Salesforce modules hosts various cloud services. This allows companies to connect with different data. Besides it provides service to their customers in different capacities.

By 2020, Salesforce has several cloud services.

  • marketing cloud
  • wellness cloud
  • app cloud
  • group cloud
  • analytics cloud,
  • IoT cloud,
  • chatter cloud,
  • trade cloud,
  • Heroku interaction cloud and more.

Salesforce's sales cloud provides companies with the ability to monitor leads, prospects. Besides allows to manage a team to improve revenue according to the company. The company cloud helps companies to communicate with customers. It offers quality customer service by displaying customer engagement and problem solving. Salesforce helps companies monitor consumer experiences through their marketing cloud. This is by offering multichannel marketing campaigns. The salesforce modules allows companies to interact directly with their customers. Besides allows their customers to connect with each other.

In addition, Salesforce has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) on its Einstein platform, helping to improve the analytics process and, among other advantages. This is to deliver more accurate forecasting in salesforce modules.

 Salesforce CRM:

Even if you've never heard of the word CRM (Customer Relationship Management) before, the CRM is a great starting point to Salesforce modules . It provides an overview of what a CRM is, how Salesforce  works as a CRM and what Salesforce can do for you. It also provides a great introduction to Salesforce's various core product offerings such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Admin

This offers an overview to just what you can use for. This focuses on Data Modeling, which sounds daunting but will really teach you about objects and what they are being used for. Next, you'll hear about best practices in data management and what Salesforce Lightning is, and how to draw on it. Finally, in Lightning, it wraps up with touching on device customization options and also how to create reports and dashboards.

Salesforce Lightning

Today Salesforce lightning is Salesforce's future and you can understand how it works sooner than later. It offers a great summary of Lightning's basics as well as a Lightning Experience Rollout guide that helps you set up your users for success as Lightning comes with a new user interface.

Salesforce's sales cloud-CPQ

Sales Cloud is where you start to first use Salesforce CPQ modules. This is the Salesforce organization base and backbone. Salesforce's CPQ Salesforce, or Configure, Price, Quote Program is a sales tool for businesses to provide precise pricing on any specific product configuration scenarios.You can host CPQ  within the sales cloud for better results.  The knowledge in CPQ helps in better sales.

Salesforce einstein

Salesforce Einstein Analytics training is one of the Salesforce modules of best-in-class application tools that place advanced AI technologies at the heart of the Customer Satisfaction Process making Salesforce the smartest CRM in the world. The Salesforce Einstein CRM is now the cleverest CRM in the world. It brings wisdom from the other clouds.

Customize & Improve Your Salesforce Org: Discover the fundamentals of AppExchange

This will allow you to quickly and easily access the AppExchange, discovering valuable applications for your Salesforce Org. Next, you'll learn what the AppExchange is, and then you'll spend some time learning how to use the huge app-exchange. For so many apps ranging from software for reporting such as DocuSign to fully integrated project management soft, it can be a lot to take in at once. This will help you feel confident in the Mobile apps and even show you the best way to install apps so that your teams can sell faster, quicker and faster than ever.

Salesforce developer:

This is one of developing Salesforce module. Developers at Salesforce developer training evaluate business processes, develop CRM workflows and custom solutions for different business needs. Salesforce engineers are collaborating with others on the team to create tailored, flexible processes for the company.


I hope you reach to a conclusion about different Salesforce modules. You can know more about Salesforce modules through Salesforce online training.

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