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How To Check Out Library Books on Your Kindle for Free

Posted by kindlehelpus on May 9th, 2020

Users may also search their nearby libraries for wireless transfers of e-books on their Kindle tablets. Kindle owners seeking to save time on their book-reading habits can love the new offer from Amazon, which allows you to borrow books from your nearby Kindle lending library and access them wirelessly on your Kindle app. Some libraries these days encourage you to check out eBooks for free.


This also functions similarly: libraries have to lend a certain set of copies. If you already check out all copies of the book you like, you may wait for anyone to check it in. Unlike standard books, though, when a copy is open, you can always arrange an automated download, so you don't have to think about losing the Kindle library book on return. Before starting with the borrowing books from the library, make sure for the following preparations:

  1. Firstly, you ought to download the OverDrive library app. You may use either a digital Kindle reader or the Kindle Cloud Reader. Presently, any device or software you can submit a purchase of a Kindle book often supports library lending. 
  2. Now you should verify if your local library (or any library you have an active account with) allows lending to OverDrive. The Kindle lending program is designed around the media delivery network OverDrive. Pay an OverDrive visit, pick "Library Search" and review to see if your library is taking part.

  3. If you haven't already done it, you'll need a library card to use it. Neither would it actually need to be the library nearest to you: you can browse every participating library's digital catalog, as long as you have a valid card number. 

  4. Finally, if you're using a physical Kindle, you'll need to have connections to a Wi-Fi node or device from which you can load the books using USB. Unlike Amazon-bought books, public library books are not distributed through the Kindle 3 G connection.


Procedure to Checkout Library Books on Your Kindle for Free

After discovering that the local library sells books by OverDrive, it's time to search the collections and choose a book from the library's media web site. Remember when you checked for your library on OverDrive in the previous segment, and offered you a link? And if that connection isn't the usual path you are following to access your library, you should probably end up there anyway, so you could just as well click on it. The local library platform is kpl.gov in our case, but the OverDrive site offers us is ebooks.mcls.org—that's the public network of which our library is a member. Your collection might be something different.

Use the link given, and try a path to login. You may need a library card number and/or a PIN. Look for a search device once you have signed in. Whenever necessary we suggest moving straight to advanced search. We saw an interview on NPR with Erin Morgensten, the founder of The Night Circus, several weeks earlier. The book sounds intriguing, and was a great choice for our search, as it is new, common, and reflective of the kind of books that people might want to find out.

Make sure to pick "Kindle" as your format. You'll possibly still see an alternative to browse for only accessible books; we left it untouched because we wanted to see if the book was still part of the list. Success!  Throughout the program, not only the book but three copies were also open. We put it in our book bag, then tapped through the book bag, and hit checkout. Again, you might not have the same workflow across your collection, but it should be fairly similar.

After trying out the specific OverDrive library program, the system can move you over to Amazon.com. If you are not still signed in, then you will be asked to do so. After you've signed in to Amazon, you'll see a book listing of the usual Amazon reviews, along with a notice about the due date. You can still have the standard Amazon order box except that it will state "Get library book" instead of the price and buy button. Make sure you pick the Kindle app you wish to deliver the book on and then press the button.

After selecting the "Get library book" icon, one more screen will appear. This screen alerts you to ensure that your Kindle links to Wi-Fi and provides you with a download connection in case you want/need to access the book and pass it via USB to your device. Some of the time, you won't require USB because you don't have connections to Wi-Fi or check out a book where Wi-Fi is limited by the author. You will check your Kindle Management page at this stage, and see the library book. Clicking on the "Actions" button for the library book on the far right side of the page should give you a range of choices. ou can read it, send it to another Kindle reader or app, purchase it, install it if you wish to send it through USB, clean the internal bookmark or return the book to the library after you have done so.

If you are still unavailable to borrow eBooks on OverDrive Kindle for free, contact our Kindle Support Customer Service

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