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Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategies for eCommerce

Posted by Oodlesmarketing1111 on May 18th, 2020

According to the computation conducted by Baymard, 69.57% of shoppers abandon the cart before making the purchase. For sellers who run online eCommerce store, shopping cart abandonment is most alarming & annoying issues.

One of the biggest mistakes of e-commerce business is letting an abandoned-cart shopper go without even trying to get them back.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

It can be explained as, when A potential shopper explores your online eCommerce Store, add products in the cart & suddenly drop Off without making any purchase & transaction.

Variety of reasons: Cart abandoners back out

We’re sick of analyzing all the stats of shopping cart abandonment. So instead of doing all these, we rather gauge the purchasing intentions of store visitors.

Unexpected Shipping charges-

When Shoppers Add any product in their cart & they anticipate reasonable shipping cost. They become shocked by the price spike unexpectedly, this cost surprise frustrates many shoppers & given reason to abandon their shopping carts.

To prevent this, keep your shipping cost as per industry average or offer them free shipping. It would act as a treat for your shoppers to purchase your store items as compared to your competitors.

Comparing Price or No Intention to Purchase —

Most of the shoppers keep visiting online sites to check & browse new offers & products. The reason behind not making the transaction could be cost comparison of a product on any other store. This is called comparison shopping in which the least expensive cart close the sale either by providing the best deal or low product cost.

To reduce shopping Cart abandonment, Seller should do competitor research to offer the lowest or reasonable product cost. The solution to this issue could be Google Ads Remarketing, Retention emails to your previous customers, Customised push notifications, Facebook Retargeting.

Convoluted Checkout Process

So, you have launched your online storefront & Ready to go, but somewhere you are neglecting an important aspect of the entire sale process, which is checkout!

The bunch of annoyances while doing the checkout can turnoff your shoppers to make plenty of purchases.

Fixing a complicated checkout process by One-click or Guest checkout can decrease down shopping cart abandonment. A well-planned & optimized checkout UX has a direct impact on user experience & Online Sales

Lack of payment options

According to the Baymard report, most of the abandon checkouts happen, as customers don’t find their preferred payment method.

When you have an online ecommerce website development services store, it means you are going to deal with a variety of customers worldwide. Considering this, one or any specific payment option won’t be enough to receive payments from worldwide. The seller must give strong preferences to their customers, how they would like to pay. Ecommerce website development company Store must be integrated with new payment

Sellers & Retails must churn out alternative payment methods (mobile payment, Amazon Pay, Apple pay, etc) to be prepared for the inevitable payment demand. It is of utmost importance for any seller to provide smooth, flexible & up-to-date payment solutions, especially for the millennial market. Working with such partners who easily integrate new & upcoming payment gateways can be a solution.

Lack of trust —

The Biggest reason for cart abandonment is a trust issue while giving their personal & financial information. The seller needs to prove to their customers that they don’t need to worry about any risk. Providing Relevant trust badges, Payment security integrations, Policies for return & refund could increase tryst rate of your website.


For an e-commerce business, shopping cart abandonment rate is “black-beast”. But, Don’t Panic, as big giants to small sellers, everyone fighting with this monster of cart abandonment. This could be demystified by weeding out major customer experience issues.

And, you’re all set to win back enormous uplift in sales!

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