The perfect fragrance varies in many ways based on how it was formulated

Posted by jackbandy on September 10th, 2012

Do you know what kind of fragrance you are actually buying when you go online? Nowadays, it is so easy to buy perfume online since everything from designer brands to generic ones is accessible with a click of a mouse button. It is very important to know the type of fragrance you are purchasing since perfume comes in various formulations and their strength potency and longevity can actually vary from form to form. Here we will tackle common things that regular people might overlook when they buy cheap perfume online. 
Perfume for women comes from many sorts.  Fragrances come from oils which usually are derived from various organic products or synthetically produced. Perfume is the most expensive type, or what they call eau de parfum ( EDP ). The amount of aromatic compounds present here is more concentrated than any other fragrances out there so a little dot on your skin can last a long time with incredible potency. Perfumes normally are diluted in water so if the amount of oils and aromatic compounds are slightly elevated, the smell will be very potent even with small dabs. 
Eau de toilette (EDT) is one of the effective yet cheap perfumes online that you can buy. Again, perfumes are diluted and if the amount of aromatic compounds is lower, then the scent will not be as intense. If you are looking for a work perfume or something you can carry every day and not be as intense as more expensive types, the perfume online that you should buy is eau de toilette since it only contains 3% to 8% of aromatic compounds. This is a great everyday scent and if you like to spray your clothes with perfume this is a good option since you can go as subtle as you want with just a little spritz. 
For men, cologne is a popular option for cheap perfume online. The aromatic compounds in a cologne is only 3% to 5% but can last usually up to 12 hours depending on the formula, notes and the brand. This is a nice option to consider if you want a nice perfume that smells good but not as intense as you would want it to be. 
Another popular product for men but nor normally used by many is the aftershave. This is actually a type of perfume online. It has a very small quantity of fragrance with only 1% to 5% aroma and contains other components to close the pores after shaving or as the base note for other perfume online. Thus, the fragrance should not be complicated since the aftershave can enhance the smell of other perfumes. 
Buying cheap perfume online can be fun but only if you know what to look for and how to find them. With the right knowledge, you can layer scents based on the potency of the fragrance you buy. It is just a matter of finding the perfect mix that will ensure top quality results. Cheap perfume online is available in a lot of stores but the more important aspect is pairing the scents and choosing the ones that fit your olfactory sensibilities.

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