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Posted by AmandaTom on September 15th, 2012

Italy has long been considered a producer of foreign sports cars, thanks to the Lamborghini and Ferrari. These two car producers are in the same country and have had a long standing rivalry for more than 40 years. In the interests of personal opinion, Lamborghini hire or Ferrari hire could be the best way to enter the debate.

The Ferrari actually came first, with the first one being taken out for a test drive by Enzo Ferrari himself back in 1947. Enzo had a background in racing and he built the Ferrari as a race car, using a V12 engine for power and speed with a sleek, lightweight build to make it aerodynamic. He even won awards of recognition for putting Italy on the map as a racing car producer. The car quickly spread throughout the racing world, earning a reputation as being a quality car. A Ferrari hire is a great way to test out one of these incredibly fast cars without paying their huge price tag.

As the story goes, another Italian once owned a Ferrari for personal use, which resulted in problem since it was meant as a racing car. This gentleman was named Ferruccio Lamborghini and in November on 1963 he unveiled his own custom built luxury sports car, which shared his surname, to put in competition against the Ferrari. The Lamborghini was created for personal luxury and speed, rather than becoming part of the racing circuit, even though the first model also had a V12 engine. Lamborghini hire is the way to get behind the wheel of this luxury car without spending one’s life savings.

Both of these Italian sports cars are incredibly fast and powerful, and most Lamborghini hire or Ferrari hire services offer a variety of the latest models in order to cater to everyone’s personal tastes. Both companies have a rich history of producing quality cars, regardless of their reasons for doing so. These cars have become the pinnacle of status symbols. Few vehicles can symbolize more wealth and prestige than a Ferrari or Lamborghini, except maybe a Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz. These cars make a lasting impression, both on those who see it drive by and on the one behind the wheel.

Whether someone has a preference or just wants to test them out to find out the big deal about these foreign pieces of machinery, Lamborghini hire and Ferrari hire are the best ways to get behind the wheel to find out. Since most services offer insurance on all their vehicles, it is simply a matter of picking the model that fits best and hitting the open road. There is nothing that makes an impression like a sports car, especially the ones that are known the world over for being fast and powerful. A Lamborghini hire or Ferrari hire can add style and class to any occasion, without anyone else ever knowing it’s a rental.   

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